Aunt Jemima Cornbread Stuffing Recipe


Aunt jemima cornbread stuffing recipe is a delicious and easy-to-make side dish for your thanksgiving spread. Made with cornbread mix, butter, onions, celery, and a blend of savory spices, this stuffing is the perfect accompaniment to your holiday turkey.

Add it to your menu for a comforting and satisfying addition to your thanksgiving feast.

Aunt Jemima Cornbread Stuffing Recipe


Why Aunt Jemima Cornbread Stuffing Recipe Is The Perfect Comfort Food For Any Occasion

Why aunt jemima cornbread stuffing recipe is the perfect comfort food for any occasion the history and significance of aunt jemima’s cornbread stuffing recipe can be traced back to its southern roots. This traditional dish has evolved over time, combining the unique flavors and textures of cornbread with a variety of ingredients.

It has become a beloved comfort food that is often enjoyed during holidays and family gatherings. The delicious blend of cornbread, herbs, vegetables, and savory spices creates a mouthwatering dish that is perfect for any occasion. Whether served alongside roasted turkey or enjoyed on its own, aunt jemima cornbread stuffing is sure to evoke feelings of nostalgia and bring people together around the table.

So why not try this classic southern recipe and experience the comforting flavors for yourself?

Ingredients You’Ll Need To Make Aunt Jemima Cornbread Stuffing

Ingredients for making aunt jemima cornbread stuffing include cornmeal mix, freshly baked cornbread, diced celery and onions, chicken broth, sage, thyme, salt, pepper, and butter or vegetable oil. These ingredients can be combined to create a delicious and flavorful stuffing dish.

The cornmeal mix adds a nice texture to the stuffing, while the freshly baked cornbread gives it a rich and savory taste. The diced celery and onions add a hint of freshness, and the chicken broth provides moisture and depth of flavor.

The seasonings, including sage, thyme, salt, and pepper, enhance the overall taste of the stuffing. Lastly, butter or vegetable oil can be used to sauté the vegetables and add richness to the dish. With these ingredients, you can easily make aunt jemima cornbread stuffing at home and enjoy a comforting and delicious side dish.


Step-By-Step Instructions For Preparing Aunt Jemima Cornbread Stuffing

To make aunt jemima cornbread stuffing, begin by making and cooling the cornbread. Then crumble it into small pieces. Next, sauté celery and onions for added flavor. In a mixing bowl, combine the cornbread, sautéed vegetables, and seasonings. Pour chicken broth over the mixture and stir until well combined.

To add moisture and richness, include butter or vegetable oil. Finally, bake the stuffing until it turns golden brown and crispy. These step-by-step instructions will help you create a delicious and flavorful cornbread stuffing. With the right combination of ingredients and careful preparation, you’ll have a mouthwatering side dish that everyone will enjoy.

So, let’s get started and prepare this irresistible aunt jemima cornbread stuffing recipe!

Tips And Tricks For Perfecting Your Aunt Jemima Cornbread Stuffing

When preparing aunt jemima cornbread stuffing, achieving the perfect consistency is key. Adjust the amount of chicken broth to your desired taste and texture. To add a twist, consider incorporating additional ingredients like cooked sausage or cranberries. For a touch of color and flavor, garnish your stuffing with fresh herbs.

When serving, be creative with presentation and explore complementary dishes. Following these tips and tricks will elevate your aunt jemima cornbread stuffing to a whole new level. Enjoy the delicious flavors and the satisfaction of a well-executed recipe.

Frequently Asked Questions About Aunt Jemima Cornbread Stuffing

Aunt jemima cornbread stuffing recipe can be made in advance and reheated later. It stays fresh for about 3-4 days. If you have dietary restrictions, you can substitute certain ingredients. Leftover cornbread stuffing can also be frozen for future use.

Remember to label and date it properly before freezing. Enjoy the delicious flavors of aunt jemima cornbread stuffing anytime!

Frequently Asked Questions On Aunt Jemima Cornbread Stuffing Recipe

How Do I Make Aunt Jemima Cornbread Stuffing?

To make aunt jemima cornbread stuffing, you’ll need aunt jemima cornbread mix, chicken broth, onions, celery, butter, salt, and pepper. Prepare the cornbread mix according to package instructions, then crumble it into a bowl. In a separate pan, sauté onions and celery in butter until tender.

Mix the sautéed vegetables with the crumbled cornbread, and gradually add chicken broth until the desired consistency is reached. Bake in a preheated oven at 350°f for around 30-35 minutes, or until golden brown.

Can I Make Aunt Jemima Cornbread Stuffing Ahead Of Time?

Yes, you can prepare aunt jemima cornbread stuffing ahead of time. After baking the stuffing, allow it to cool completely. Once it’s cooled, cover it tightly with aluminum foil or store it in an airtight container. Refrigerate for up to 2 days.

When ready to serve, reheat the stuffing in the oven at 350°f for about 15-20 minutes or until warmed through.

Can I Substitute Vegetable Broth For Chicken Broth In Aunt Jemima Cornbread Stuffing?

Yes, you can substitute vegetable broth for chicken broth in aunt jemima cornbread stuffing. Vegetable broth will give the stuffing a slightly different flavor, but it will still be delicious. Simply use the same amount of vegetable broth as the recipe calls for chicken broth.


This aunt jemima cornbread stuffing recipe is a must-try for any food lover. With its simplicity and deliciousness, it is perfect for any holiday or family gathering. The combination of the moist cornbread, savory vegetables, and flavorful spices create a mouthwatering dish that will surely impress your guests.

Whether you’re a seasoned cook or a beginner in the kitchen, this recipe is easy to follow and guarantees great results. The use of aunt jemima’s cornbread mix adds a unique touch and enhances the taste of the stuffing. So, why wait?

Take your thanksgiving or christmas dinner to the next level with this aunt jemima cornbread stuffing recipe and enjoy the delightful flavors it brings to the table.


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