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Best KitchenAid Hand Mixer [Top 10 Recommendation]

When you make baked items or dessert or salad dressing, the mixer is the most important appliance. You have to create a smooth mixture of all the necessary ingredients for the dish and bake it. The taste and perfection of the plate depending on the texture of the mix. Some recipe calls for creamy batter and some for foamy consistency.

A mixer is a regular item that stays on your kitchen countertop. Many dishes depend on this. Not only for baked items but also for whipping, or shredding, or mixing anything you need. In the world of Kitchen appliances, KitchenAid is one of the most famous names. This brand has become a dream for every kitchen user. They have a great collection of hand mixers, of course.

The best KitchenAid Hand mixer comes with an elegant look and comfortable design. As they have an extensive collection, it can be pretty tough to select one for your use. When you see their details on one page, it will be a good help. That’s why we have a collected a perfect collection of top hand mixers from the KitchenAid brand. Know the detail and select one to decorate your kitchen countertop.

Editor’s Pick: Top 3 Best KitchenAid Hand Mixer

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Things To Consider Before Buying KitchenAid Hand Mixer

Collecting KitchenAid hand mixer is a significant matter. You will like to have one in your kitchen. Some people get biased to choose between a stand mixer and a hand mixer. For regular use, a handy tool is much better, and that is why a hand mixer is more palpable than a stand mixer.

How to select a hand mixer from KitchenAid? It is essential because you have to match your need with the item. So, let’s focus on the features that are important to be correct.

  • Application

When a mixer can do mixing and whip heavy cream, make a foamy structure from egg white, shred chicken, or mash potatoes. There are different speed levels to do other jobs. Some needs slow mixing condition and some recipe need high-speed beating job. KitchenAid Hand mixers have a wide range of speed levels that starts from 1. Some mixers can beat up to 5, some go for 7-speed, and some provide speed level 9.

Price can be a little high for more functions. In that case, it should match your demand. If you use mixers for some occasional need or a limited application, then you can buy a mixer with a low-speed range. If you want a mixer with more applications options, you should raise your budget.

Best KitchenAid Hand Mixer

  • Additional Attachments

For more applications, you will need different attachments. For example, you may need a whisk to make better cream that only performs better by a beater. A dough hook can do a better job of making the perfect dough for cookies. If you want those attachments included, you have to look for those options. Some mixers come with no additional extensions, but the mixer supports other options to buy extra parts separately.

Many professionals look for extra attachments and options in one mixer. There are hand mixers collections with additional features in the KitchenAid store. Check their detail when you go for buying.

  • Weight

Hand mixers are for holding by your hands. If the mixers have more weight, they can tire you soon you start to use them. So, weight is a significant matter for your working time. Most of the hand mixers are two pounds in weight. If the body is made of plastic, its weight is lower, and the weight increases for the stainless steel-made body.

Besides, the motor can be a reason to increase the weight of the mixer. You have to check it by carrying it in your hands, and it will be better if you start it and run it for a while. The understanding of the weight will be better.

  • Storage Solution

You have to store the mixer on your countertop or inside the cabinet. It takes space, obviously. The hand mixers are space savers. Comparing to the stand mixers, they are more space savers. KitchenAid hand mixers also take low space to sit on. You can keep them on the countertop to use them regularly.

When choosing a hand mixer from the KitchenAid store, you should consider these above facts closely. It will benefit you to find the correct mixer for your need.

Top 10 Best KitchenAid Hand Mixer Reviews

Many brands may have a short range of collections. But the KitchenAid brand has an extensive collection of hand mixers in different colors. They offer different degrees of speed levels and handling features. All their features are supportive of reducing the hassle of the mixing job. The best ones are shown in this list with a detailed part. All of them are worth your checking.

1. KitchenAid Empire Red Digital Hand Mixer

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If a hand mixer does not serve for every type of dish, then it is not perfect. You will not like to buy several hand mixers for different dishes. KitchenAid Empire red hand mixer has the power to work at different speed levels that allows making smooth dough or batter or mixes for different types of cookies and cakes. Every cook likes it for this feature. You can keep the speed at 1 for stirring the chunky ingredients that need a slower speed. You can also mash potatoes at speed four and beat egg white to make a foamy structure and whip meringue at speed 7.

Within the power to control the speed, you do not have to think of the starting speed. The speed gradually increases. It does not splatter ingredients by high speed at the beginning; instead, it slowly stirs things and then slowly increases the speed. It helps to impose your cooking style on the dish and allows you to perform the best.

How do you set the hand mixer on your countertop? It becomes a hassle when your cord is on one side, and the socket is on the other side. This KitchenAid hand mixer is easy to handle and set. It can be corded from both sides, left and right. So, you do not have to tense on the settings, and you can work flexibly. The round cord is adjustable to handle and easy to clean.

While working, you will have a comfortable feel by holding the mixer with a soft grip on the handle. Besides, this mixer comes with necessary accessories, and you can easily remove them by pressing the desired button. It makes it easier to clean by separating parts of the mixer and easily adjust the beater. So, it will be a great choice to have the conquest of your cooking talent.


  • ‘Slow to high’ speed level
  • Slow start
  • Cord locking option
  • Easy to clean and handle


  • Sometimes, it takes too much time to reach the desired speed level

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2. KitchenAid Ultra Power Hand Mixer

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A hand mixer is a part of our talent for cooking yummy recipes. If it works well, then we can concentrate on the recipe more. Some helpful features support us to increase our skills and to make us professional.

Different types of ingredients need different speeds. Dry powders like flour, powder sugar, and chocolate chips or nuts need low speed to mix well. This hand mixer also works excellent at different speeds. You can mix slow-beating ingredients perfectly. You also can beat the egg whites properly too at high speed. Actually, the perfection of baked items depends mainly on mixing. This hand mixer supports it at its best.

Apart from mixing, you also can handle the mixer smoothly. The lightweight feature and soft handle help you to operate the mixer in an easy handling way. If the mixer is heavy, then you would feel pain in your hand. But the lightweight helps do work comfortably.

The mixer’s design helps you work at different angles as the cord can connect from both left and right sides. The weight and the design both allow in various applications. You can carry it, go for a picnic or other parties, and use the mixer to make dishes easily.

Cleaning is a must need for the mixer. After every use, you have to clean the mixer well so that the mixer can perform better. The design is cleaning-friendly. The round structure of the cord is also easy to clean. With this hand mixer, you can grab a vast place in the cooking world.


  • Speed level up to 5
  • Flexible structure
  • Stainless steel made turbo beater
  • Durable construction


  • Makes noise

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3. KitchenAid Candy Apple Red Pro Whisk Hand Mixer

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The consistency of the blended materials depends on the mixing speed. If it is correct, the dish will be perfect, and the baked foods need perfection. The different recipe demands different types of texture. KitchenAid Candy Apple’s red hand mixer works excellent in mixing extra batter, butter, egg white, and other ingredients. As the chunky ingredients need a slow range of speed, this hand mixer can provide the perfect speedy power at one. Medium speed can also be found at six, and high speed is from the speed nine.

There is no barrier to cooking food with perfection. In terms of handling, this hand mixer is easy to handle and operate. You have to push the required buttons, and the mixer will do the job. The slow start function does not allow ingredients to splatter around. Speed increases slowly and reaches the desired point in a short while. To smoothly handle the hand mixer, it has a soft-grip handle and moveable position. You can move the cord to the left r right and then lock it to use safely.

The lightweight and the easy-grip-on handle help you to handle the mixer smoothly and work proficiently. After finishing your job, cleaning is also easy. You can easily remove the parts and accessories of the machine by pressing the button and clean them separately and properly. The stainless steel-made beater is dishwasher safe. You can clean them comfortably.

Every part of the mixer is durable enough to stay with you for several years. KitchenAid mixers provide premium service that allows you to use them for a long time to maintain their safe handling and clean properly.


  • Soft start mixer
  • Speed to a high point that is up to 9
  • Durable and powerful mixer
  • Easy to operate


  • The attachment of the beater is slightly wobble

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4. KitchenAid Ice Blue 5-Speed Hand Mixer

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With a soft and calm feel, you can cook your favorite dish. This hand mixer provides this option. The ice blue color of the mixer brings a peaceful feeling and environment into your kitchen. You will like to spend your time with this mixer for this color.

This hand mixer is made of plastic which makes it light. It is a supportive feature. A hand mixer is for handling by hand. When it is light in weight, you will feel no harm in holding it for long. You can do your job slowly, taking as much time you need. It is helpful. Besides, the construction is robust. Every joint, including the attachment of the beater, is smooth and firm. Handling this mixer is easy and comfortable.

This mixer offers to speed up to 5 levels. You can mix chunky ingredients at a slower speed level and egg white at a high-speed level 5. You will get the perfect and smooth texture of every mixture. The power cord is also easy to handle of its movable feature. It is 36 inches long, enabling you to move a long way, holding the mixer, and work from a distance. The customer likes this beater for its slower speed level work. The perfection at this speed is better than other mixers.

After every use, you can easily wipe the beater too. Pushing a button, the beater is ejected quickly and ready to clean. With s robust build material and more important joints, this mixer has a long life to serve you.


  • Perfect slow speed
  • Strong building system
  • Light in weight to hold for long
  • Durable plastic body


  • Beater quality is not so desirable

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5. KitchenAid Aqua Sky Ultra Power Hand Mixer

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KitchenAid comes with another powerful hand mixer to meet your demand. Providing a smooth job allows working flexibly. You can handle it from different angles. The movable swivel cord allows moving the mixer, ensuring better comfort. The cord is lockable to keep it fixed in the safe position but move the mixer at reliable angles.

Many professionals like to use hand mixers than stand mixers for the reliable use and flexible handling option. You can carry the mixer and mix the necessary ingredients in a comfortable zone. It allows to turn in different positions or turn the mixer in different ways. With a KitchenAid mixer, you will get better flexibility to work for long. You will not be tired of handling and cleaning the mixer. Some simple accessories are not a hassle to wipe clean. Accessories are easy to eject and simple to clean.

This hand mixer is a stainless steel-made body that is much powerful that increases durability. You can use this mixer for an extended period. Moreover, stainless steel is helpful to provide the effectiveness of beating to the beater. You can beat faster at even speed level 5.

With a gentle start feature, this mixer allows preventing splattering and mess. Some ingredients need a slow start to get a smooth texture. If the beater beat fast from the beginning, it can make lumps of ingredients’ mixture. This hand mixer ensures to prevent the chance of making these lumps.

Though this mixer is made of stainless steel, it is not so tiring to handle and hold. The design is favorable to hold it up for the required time range. Overall, the combination of features is perfect at an affordable price range. Grab it soon and make it a part of your kitchen beauty.


  • An excellent slow start features
  • Easy to clean
  • Flexible handling and operating option
  • Durable for long


  • Beaters are not up to date

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6. Onyx Black KitchenAid Hand Mixer

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With bold black color, KitchenAid comes with an intelligent hand mixer. Having the surety of the better features, customers like this mixer. They provide near five-star reviews to show their love and liking toward this hand mixer. Plastic made the body of this mixer offers incredible power to make the smooth texture of the mixture. For a beginner, this mixer will be a great help in many ways. You will be able to control its power easily. Handling this mixer and operating it is super easy and simple.

Making delicious cookies or cake is now possible for everyone. If you are not an expert in cooking, you can make a perfect dough or batter for your meal using this mixer. The speed is up to 5. You can slowly mix the chunky ingredients. To combine the powder items like icing sugar or flour, you have to grab the control in your hand and make a perfect texture. If the surface is not correct, it will not make a perfect cookie or cake. This mixer provides the proper speed level to make the mixture.

This mixer includes a stainless steel made turbo beater that is powerful and flexible to handle. It can move and mix the ingredients properly. The joints are vital to keep them attached tight and work without any wobbling. It is also easy to remove and clean. Not only this beater but also the complete mixer and its parts are easy to clean. The power cord is a swivel structure to keep it locked in one position and move it as you like. It allows you to work smoothly.


  • Speed level up to 5
  • Slow start to prevent splattering
  • A robust body with lightweight plastic material
  • Durable construction and flexible application design


  • Beater can be unstable, sometimes

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7. White KitchenAid Hand Mixer

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KitchenAid brings its white hand mixer with an excellent mixing sensor. Providing the ultimate elegance with the neutral white color, it matches with the kitchen interior easily. If you like to have a flexible helping hand, this mixer will be excellent support.

For a beginner or an expert, this hand mixer is a perfectly suited one. This hand mixer can be a guide for a beginner cook too. You will get premium control on the speed of mixing all the ingredients perfectly to have the proper texture. When the consistency of the mixture is perfect, you can make a delicious cookie or cake, or other baked items. From 1 to 5-speed level, you can set it at what point you want and get it to work right. At speed one, it can beat slow mixing ingredients softly. At speed level 5, you can make a foamy structure of egg white within a short while.

The lockable swivel cord is round in shape. It is easy to handle and possible to wipe clean it correctly. The round structure provides a flexible movement in the left or right direction. You can move a long distance for the long cord.

With premium quality of build material and working friendly design, the hand mixer obtained great popularity to customers. Plastic made body is very flimsy in weight that you will not tire of holding it for long. With smooth control over the mixer, you can use this mixer for a more extended period than you think. KitchenAid products are such that stay strong for long if the maintenance is proper.


  • Long life with a durable construction inside and outside
  • Plastic made body for lighter weight
  • Mixing sensor included
  • Quick and easy operation and flexible handling


  • Not suitable for the high-speed requirement

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8. KitchenAid Passion Red Queens of Heart Hand Mixer

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KitchenAid concentrates on the color of the mixer within the features and quality of the machine. It is for the mental expression and taste of the cook. The color of the utensils and appliances has a strong impression on the cook’s mind. If you are cooking and have an excellent machine to work, your working speed will increase. It will keep you joyful when you are working. The passion red color of the KitchenAid hand mixer works as a force to work with great enjoyment. It is the color of passion, strength, and energy.

With complete determination and full power, you will find a friendly push toward the cooking and get a stunning impression to make delicious baked items. We know that a well-mixed batter can create the perfect cookies or soft cakes. Though the chunky things like powdered flour or chocolate chips, or nuts need a slow mix, a high speed is required to make the perfect foamy structure from the egg white. However, the foam, the cake, or the egg cookies are more yum.

You can make a fluffy texture by the speed level 7. It is strong enough to make the soft foam within a few seconds. The structure of the beater and the mixer is to move it from different angles and make a perfect texture of the mixture. It becomes professional.

The design of the mixer is handy and easy to move around with a long cord. It is also space-saving. It does not acquaint lots of space on your countertop. You can keep it in a small area and use it whenever you need it. All the accessories are easy to remove, and you can wipe clean them. So, enhance your talent with the help of this mastermind device.


  • High speed to level 7
  • Slow start function included
  • Movable swivel cord
  • Long-lasting


  • The attachment of the beater is not so good

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9. Boysenberry Ultra Power KitchenAid Hand Mixer

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Boysenberry is a loud and bold color that brings joy to your working environment. When you work, you will have a warm and peaceful feel and push from inside to cook some delicious food. When your hand mixer is in boysenberry color, it suits your hand. You will have a spark to continue mixing the necessary ingredients perfectly. KitchenAid Boysenberry hand mixer provides the ultimate force to cook at your heart content.

With a 5-speed level, this hand mixer offers a great mixing ability with the correct texture. The smoothness of the mixture ensures the perfection of the dish. You will be able to make a cake or cookie with the right softness or crispiness. It is not needed to be an expert; this mixer will turn you into an expert cook. At low-speed level, it will mix chunky ingredients correctly, and at speed level 5, it will mix egg white nicely and smooth to make a foam.

This mixer is made of plastic to make it light in weight that minimizes the hassle of holding it for longer. You can work without any tiring feel. With a great amaze, you can make the mixture and cook a perfect dessert.

The lockable swivel cord is easy to set at both sides, left or right, and it provides a flexible handling option. You can work from different angles. You also can easily clean the mixer and attachments too. The beater is solid and easy to eject with one push to the button. You can clean it with soapy water as this is dishwasher safe.


  • Easy to operate and handle for a more extended period
  • Lightweight
  • Long cord with swivel function
  • Durable enough to work with it for several years


  • The durability of the motor is low

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10. Green Apple 5-Speed KitchenAid Hand Mixer

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When you get a hand mixer to mix the necessary ingredients at an affordable price, isn’t it significant? Yes, of course. With full features, the green apple-colored KitchenAid Hand Mixer comes at an elegant look. You feel a peaceful mind while working with this mixer. It is amazing and soothing to work comfortably on a premium quality device.

When you work with KitchenAid Gadget, it already brings a posh mood. Then the perfect design, easily controllable speed level, and lightweight of the mixer becomes a guide to the cooking zone. It is hard to make a proper mixture with perfect texture of all the ingredients for the first time cooking. If you have this Hand mixer, you can be sure of the perfection. You can mix the slow-beating ingredients and also the fast-beating items.

There will be no mess when you have this mixer for the slow start feature. The slow beginning feature helps to maintain set the ingredients ready for the fast-beating condition. Slowly the beater reaches the speed level, and then it makes a nice and soft batter.

Handling and operating is not a formidable job, and you can understand what to do and how to do it at once. There is a speed button to control the speed level easily. The beater ejector button lets you remove the beater easily. The beater construction is such that you can easily clean it with soapy water. It is because the beater is dishwasher safe.

Work with the best flexibility and functionality with fun.


  • Strong construction
  • Durable product
  • Flexible handling and speed control
  • Low price range


  • At medium-low speed, it can splatter ingredients a little

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How To Use KitchenAid Hand Mixer?

Handling and operating a KitchenAid hand mixer is easy. You can follow the instruction given below and do your job correctly.

Step-1: Beater Insertion

Before starting your mixer, you have to insert the beater. There are two ports for inserting two beaters. One is collared, and the other is uncollared. Under the mixer, there is an instruction to show where you have to insert the collared and uncollared beater.

At first, insert the collar shaft into the more critical port as the instruction on the mixer says. Now, you have to align the shaft within the slots. Push it a bit to lock it into the correct place. Then the next beater, which is uncollared, you have to set it as well.

best price kitchenaid hand mixer

Step-2: Start the Mixer

Now, plug in the mixer directly to the wall power. Do not set the power to the power strip as the hand mixer uses lots of energy, and it can be a risk of fire accidents if you set the power strips.

Then you can set the speed level, and it will start the mixer. The slow start feature will prevent the sudden splattering and creation of mess. Slowly it will reach the desired speed level.

After completing your use, press the eject button, and the beater will be ejected. It is ready to clean.

Is the KitchenAid Hand Mixer Worth It?

KitchenAid tools have won their customer’s hearts and trust with a record of long life and all-rounder performance. Their hand mixers are also included in that list. The KitchenAid hand mixers are widespread, from blending different spices or salad dressings and mixing sauces to creating yummy milkshakes. So, they are not only for making the mixture for dough or batter or cookies. With an extensive collection of different types of attachments, these hand mixers are perfect for everything about mixing.

electric hand mixer

Yes, they are high in price comparatively. But their long-term performance providing a great experience worth their high price range.

Hamilton Beach vs KitchenAid Hand Mixer

Hamilton Beach and KitchenAid are both the top brands for hand mixers. Though the KitchenAid store is the best brand for kitchen appliances, the hand mixers are comparable with other brands.

In terms of performance, the power of motors, and the weight, KitchenAid hand mixers stay a step ahead. They are handier and easier to use, and they have a powerful engine to work long with an outstanding power balance.

best buy kitchenaid cordless hand mixer

Regarding the price range and quality of beaters and other accessories, Hamilton beach works better. As the KitchenAid hand mixers are high in price, you have to reconsider all the facts. If you have enough budget, the KitchenAid hand mixers are the better choice. Hamilton Beach is not uncountable for its medium-range performance.

With different types of attachments and accessories, Hamilton beach put a great effort into making a better experience.

Final Words

Having the best KitchenAid hand mixer is a great pleasure and sometimes becomes an achievement. Most of the customers want to have a hand mixer from this brand. When you have a hand mixer from this brand, you can be sure of this performance. With well-managed handling and maintenance, you can use a hand mixer for several years. A complete mixing solution at an affordable price range is a big thing.

They come in different adorable colors that match the kitchen interior well. With a perfect speed level for slow to fast beating options, KitchenAid hand mixers are handy to use everyday mixing, shredding, and whipping jobs. On this page, you will get a satisfactory solution to look into details of top hand mixers from this brand, which lets you quickly find the right one for your work. Grab one soon.

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