How Much is Shoney’s Dinner Buffet?: Feast on a Budget!

The price for Shoney’s dinner buffet typically ranges from $11 to $15. Costs may vary by location and time of day.

Shoney’s is a well-known establishment in the United States, offering an all-you-can-eat dining option that has become a favorite for many looking for variety and value. With an inviting atmosphere and a wide selection of dishes, it caters to the tastes of all family members.

The dinner buffet features hearty entrees, fresh salads, sumptuous side dishes, and delectable desserts. Because prices can fluctuate depending on the region and special promotions, it’s wise to check with your local Shoney’s for the most accurate pricing. The brand has established itself as a go-to spot for those seeking a casual dining experience with the comfort of home-cooked meals without breaking the bank.

Shoney’s Dinner Buffet: Affordable Indulgence

Shoney’s Dinner Buffet offers a vast range of delightful dishes at a pocket-friendly price. The cost for adults usually falls below $15, and children can dine at a reduced rate, often under $7. These prices can vary by location and during special promotions or holidays.

Guests can indulge in a diverse selection of fresh salads, hearty entrées, and delectable desserts. This makes it a perfect spot for families or individuals craving variety without breaking the bank. Remember, specifics on prices change, so contacting your local Shoney’s for the most current information is smart.

How Much is Shoney's Dinner Buffet?: Feast on a Budget!


Decoding The Cost Of Shoney’s Buffet

Dinner buffet prices at Shoney’s may vary by location and time. Adult meals typically range from $11 to $15. Tax and gratuity are not included. Children’s buffet prices differ, with those under 4 often eating for free. Discount availability can influence the final cost. Promotional events or special deals may reduce prices. Remember, drink costs could be extra, depending on the chosen meal deal. Frequent diners might benefit from membership offers or coupons.

Age Group Price Range Notes
Adults $11 – $15 Excluding tax and tips
Children (4-10) Reduced Price Varies by location
Toddlers (<4) Free When dining with an adult

Buffet Selections That Won’t Break The Bank

Shoney’s dinner buffet offers affordable eatery delights for all. Guests enjoy a plethora of choices without stretching their wallets. Value items dominate the menu, promising a satisfying meal with varied cuisine options. Fresh salads, hearty soups, and juicy rotisserie chicken stand out as popular picks.

Each dish is crafted to deliver quality taste at a reasonable price. Families particularly appreciate the kid-friendly selections, making it a hit for all age groups. The dessert section, with its delectable array of pies and cakes, provides a sweet ending to a fulfilling dinner.

How Much is Shoney's Dinner Buffet?: Feast on a Budget!


Saving Tips For Shoney’s Buffet Lovers

Dining at off-peak times could mean lower prices. Many restaurants, including Shoney’s, offer early-bird specials or discounts during certain hours. Research Shoney’s specific dining hours to uncover potential savings.

Savvy diners always look for coupons and promotional deals. Check online platforms, subscribe to newsletters, or join loyalty programs. Reduced costs on the buffet can be as simple as presenting a digital or printed coupon. Remember that deals might also be available on certain days of the week, so plan your visit accordingly.

Day Discount Type How to Access
Tuesday Senior Discounts Show ID
Wednesday Family Night Walk-in
Weekends Early Bird Special Arrive Before 6 PM

Comparing Shoney’s To Other Buffet Giants

Shoney’s dinner buffet offers a unique dining experience with a focus on variety and value. Guests enjoy a plethora of options, ranging from fresh salads to heartwarming entrees. The cost remains competitive despite their high-quality offerings. Often, the price ranges between $8 to $15, depending on location and time of day. This positions Shoney’s as a cost-effective choice for families and individuals alike.

Buffet Approx. Cost Quality Offerings
Shoney’s $8 – $15 Varied, wholesome selections
Competitors $10 – $20 Mixed reviews on quality

Shoney’s distinct edge lies in their commitment to freshness and customer satisfaction. Their ever-changing menu keeps diners engaged and eager to return. Shoney’s shines among buffet restaurants by offering both quality and affordability.

Is The Dinner Buffet Worth The Price?

Many diners wonder about the value that Shoney’s Dinner Buffet offers. Price tags on buffets can make or break a decision. At Shoney’s, expect a range of hearty American classics. The buffet includes salads, fried chicken, seafood, and dessert options. Prices vary by location but are generally considered reasonable for the quantity and selection.

Guest reviews often highlight the buffet’s variety and freshness. Frequent visitors praise the taste and quality of food. Such positive feedback contributes to a solid rate of customer returns. Families and individuals looking for an all-you-can-eat experience find Shoney’s ideal. This draws a consistent crowd, especially during weekends and holidays.

How Much is Shoney's Dinner Buffet?: Feast on a Budget!


Frequently Asked Questions For How Much Is Shoney’s Dinner Buffet

What Is The Price Of Shoney’s Dinner Buffet?

Shoney’s Dinner Buffet prices typically range from $10 to $15 per person. Prices can vary by location and time of day.

Does Shoney’s Dinner Buffet Offer Senior Discounts?

Yes, many Shoney’s locations offer senior discounts on the Dinner Buffet. Check with your local restaurant for specific discount rates and age requirements.

Can Kids Eat Free At Shoney’s Buffet?

Shoney’s often has promotions where kids can eat free with a paying adult. However, availability depends on the location and day of the week.

Are There Healthy Options At Shoney’s Dinner Buffet?

Shoney’s Dinner Buffet includes a variety of healthy options, such as salads, vegetables, and lean protein choices to cater to health-conscious diners.


Understanding Shoney’s dinner buffet price is key in planning your dining experience. With the cost varying by location and season, checking their website or calling ahead ensures no surprises. Remember, the value isn’t just in the price, but also in the variety and taste of the food offered.

Choose Shoney’s for a meal that satisfies both your palate and your budget.

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