Jimmy Changas Queso Recipe

Deliciously Cheesy Jimmy Changas Queso Recipe: A Must-Try!

Jimmy changas queso recipe is a mouthwatering dip that combines creamy cheese with the perfect blend of spices. This easy-to-follow recipe will have you enjoying a bowl of delicious queso in no time.

However, before diving into the recipe, let’s first understand what queso is and why it has become such a beloved dish. Originating in mexican cuisine, queso refers to melted cheese often used as a dip or sauce. It is incredibly versatile and can be made with various types of cheese, spices, and additional ingredients like tomatoes or jalapenos.

Whether it’s a game day snack, party appetizer, or movie night treat, jimmy changas queso is sure to satisfy your cravings and impress your guests. So, let’s get started with this irresistible queso recipe that will have everyone coming back for more.

Deliciously Cheesy Jimmy Changas Queso Recipe: A Must-Try!

Step-By-Step Guide To Preparing The Perfect Queso

Gathering The Ingredients

Are you ready to make the perfect queso? Let’s start by gathering all the necessary ingredients. Here’s what you’ll need:

  • 1 cup of shredded cheddar cheese
  • 1 cup of shredded monterey jack cheese
  • 1 tablespoon of butter
  • 1 tablespoon of all-purpose flour
  • 1 cup of milk
  • 1/2 cup of diced tomatoes
  • 1/4 cup of diced onions
  • 1/4 cup of diced jalapenos
  • 1/4 teaspoon of garlic powder
  • 1/4 teaspoon of cumin
  • Salt and pepper, to taste

Preparing The Cheese Base

Now that you have all the ingredients ready, it’s time to prepare the cheese base for your queso. Follow these steps:

  • In a saucepan, melt the butter over medium heat until it’s completely melted.
  • Add the flour to the melted butter and whisk them together for about one minute, until the mixture becomes smooth and thick.
  • Slowly pour the milk into the saucepan while whisking constantly to prevent any lumps from forming.
  • Continue whisking until the milk mixture thickens and comes to a simmer.
  • Reduce the heat to low and gradually add the shredded cheddar and monterey jack cheeses, stirring continuously until the cheese melts completely and the mixture becomes smooth.

Adding Flavorful Spices And Ingredients

To take your queso to the next level, let’s add some flavorful spices and ingredients. Here’s what you need to do:

  • Stir in the diced tomatoes, onions, jalapenos, garlic powder, cumin, salt, and pepper into the cheese base.
  • Continue cooking the mixture over low heat, stirring occasionally, for about 5 minutes to allow the flavors to meld together.
  • Taste the queso and adjust the seasoning if needed. You can add more salt, pepper, or any other spices according to your preference.

Achieving The Perfect Consistency

Now it’s time to make sure your queso has the perfect consistency. Follow these tips:

  • If your queso is too thick, you can add a little more milk to thin it out.
  • If it’s too runny, you can add a little more shredded cheese to thicken it up.

Make sure to adjust the consistency to your liking, as everyone has different preferences when it comes to queso.

Serving And Enjoying The Queso

Your queso is now ready to be enjoyed! Here are a few suggestions on how to serve and savor it:

  • Transfer the queso to a serving bowl or keep it warm in a slow cooker.
  • Serve it with your favorite tortilla chips, fresh vegetables, or alongside your favorite mexican dishes.
  • You can also customize your queso by adding toppings like chopped cilantro, diced avocado, or a dash of hot sauce.
  • Remember to stir the queso occasionally while serving to prevent it from getting too thick or clumpy.

Now that you know how to prepare the perfect queso, it’s time to gather your ingredients and get cooking. Enjoy your homemade queso with friends and family, and savor every bite of this mouthwatering cheesy goodness!

Explore Different Cheese Varieties For Unique Flavors

Looking to add a burst of flavor to your jimmy changas? Look no further than the cheese varieties you choose! With so many options available, you can create a truly unique and delicious queso dish. From the classic cheddar to the bold blue cheese, each variety brings its own distinct taste to the table.

Let’s dive into the world of cheese and discover the key points about each variety.

Cheddar Cheese

  • Known for its rich and sharp flavor, cheddar cheese is a popular choice for queso recipes.
  • Its smooth and creamy texture melts beautifully, making it perfect for a velvety queso dip.
  • Cheddar cheese comes in different ages, ranging from mild to extra sharp, allowing you to customize the intensity of flavor.
  • This versatile cheese pairs well with other ingredients, such as peppers, onions, and spices, adding depth to your jimmy changas queso.

Monterrey Jack Cheese

  • Monterrey jack cheese is a mellow and creamy cheese with a subtle nutty flavor.
  • It melts easily, creating a smooth and gooey queso that is perfect for dipping.
  • Due to its mild taste, monterrey jack cheese is an excellent base cheese that can be enhanced with bolder flavors.
  • Consider combining monterrey jack with other cheeses, such as cheddar or pepper jack, for a more robust queso experience.

Pepper Jack Cheese

  • For those seeking a little kick in their queso, pepper jack cheese is the ideal choice.
  • Made from monterey jack cheese infused with spicy jalapeno peppers, it offers a deliciously tangy and spicy flavor.
  • The heat levels vary, so you can select a milder or hotter pepper jack cheese based on your spice preference.
  • Perfectly blending with the other ingredients in your jimmy changas queso, this cheese adds a zesty twist to every bite.

Queso Blanco

  • Queso blanco, meaning “white cheese,” is a mexican variety known for its mild and creamy taste.
  • This cheese melts easily and has a smooth and velvety texture, making it perfect for queso.
  • Queso blanco has a delicate flavor that won’t overpower other ingredients, making it a versatile choice for a variety of queso recipes.
  • Its subtle flavors complement the flavors of the jimmy changas beautifully, creating a harmonious balance of tastes.

Blue Cheese

  • If you’re a fan of bold and tangy flavors, blue cheese is an excellent addition to your queso recipe.
  • This cheese has a distinct aroma and a strong, pungent taste that adds a unique and memorable flavor to your dish.
  • While blue cheese can be an acquired taste, it pairs exceptionally well with bold ingredients like grilled onions or bacon.
  • Use blue cheese sparingly to prevent it from overpowering the other flavors in your jimmy changas queso.

With these different cheese varieties in your culinary arsenal, your jimmy changas queso will be bursting with unique and unforgettable flavors. Whether you prefer the rich and sharp taste of cheddar, the spicy kick of pepper jack, or the mellow creaminess of queso blanco, these cheeses are sure to elevate your queso game.

So, go ahead and explore the vast world of cheese to create a queso masterpiece that will leave everyone craving for more.


Experiment With Exciting Ingredients And Flavor Combinations

Looking to take your jimmy changas queso recipe to the next level? Get ready to unleash your creativity and tantalize your taste buds with these exciting ingredients and flavor combinations. Whether you prefer a fiery kick or a burst of freshness, these additions will take your queso to new heights.

Let’s dive in and explore the possibilities!

Roasted Peppers And Onions

  • Roasted peppers and onions add a smoky sweetness to your queso, elevating the flavor profile.
  • The charred edges of the peppers and onions bring a tantalizing texture that contrasts beautifully with the creamy queso.
  • Consider using a mix of colorful peppers, such as red, yellow, and green, for a visually stunning presentation.
  • The smokiness will infuse into the queso, adding a delicious depth of flavor that will have your guests begging for the recipe.

Bacon Bits

  • Who can resist the irresistible smokiness and crunch of bacon bits in their queso?
  • Crumble some crispy bacon over the top of your queso to add an indulgent twist.
  • The savory saltiness of the bacon enhances the creamy cheese and will keep your guests coming back for more.
  • For an extra flavor boost, you can even opt for flavored bacon, such as maple or jalapeno-infused varieties, to amp up the taste.

Fresh Herbs

  • Fresh herbs bring a burst of brightness and freshness to your queso.
  • Consider adding finely chopped cilantro, parsley, or green onions to add a pop of color and flavor.
  • The herbs not only provide a visual appeal but also introduce a refreshing herbal note that balances out the richness of the cheese.
  • Experiment with different herb combinations to find your perfect blend and let your taste buds be your guide.


  • If you’re craving some heat, jalapenos are the perfect addition to your queso.
  • Opt for fresh jalapenos for a vibrant kick, or you can use pickled jalapenos for a tangy twist.
  • Make sure to remove the seeds and membranes to control the level of spiciness according to your preference.
  • The heat from the jalapenos will add an exciting element to your queso, making it a crowd-pleaser among spicy food lovers.


  • Don’t limit yourself to just cheese when it comes to queso. Take it up a notch by incorporating salsa into your recipe.
  • Choose your favorite variety of salsa, whether it be chunky, smooth, or even fruit-infused.
  • Adding salsa creates a fusion of flavors, with the tomatoes, onions, and spices blending harmoniously with the creamy cheese.
  • The salsa adds texture and depth to your queso, making it a versatile and unforgettable appetizer.

With these exciting ingredients and flavor combinations, you can transform your jimmy changas queso recipe into a culinary masterpiece. Whether you prefer smoky, spicy, or herbaceous flavors, there’s a combination that will satisfy your taste buds and impress your guests.

Let your creativity run wild, experiment, and savor the delicious results. Happy queso-making!

Elevate Your Queso With The Perfect Dippers And Accompaniments

Looking to take your jimmy changas queso to the next level? Look no further! With the right dippers and accompaniments, you can transform this delicious cheese dip into a crowd-pleasing masterpiece. Whether you prefer tortilla chips, freshly cut vegetables, pretzels, pita bread, or even nachos, we’ve got you covered.

Get ready to elevate your queso experience with these perfect pairings.

Tortilla Chips

  • Tortilla chips are a classic choice when it comes to enjoying queso.
  • Their crispy and salty nature provides a satisfying contrast to the creamy cheese.
  • Opt for homemade tortilla chips for an extra special touch.
  • The sturdy nature of tortilla chips allows for easy scooping, ensuring that you get the perfect bite every time.

Freshly Cut Vegetables

  • For a lighter and refreshing option, consider pairing your queso with freshly cut vegetables.
  • Opt for colorful veggies like bell peppers, carrots, and cucumbers for a vibrant and healthy twist.
  • The crispness of the vegetables adds a nice texture, while the natural sweetness complements the savory flavors of the queso.
  • This option is perfect for those looking for a gluten-free or low-carb alternative.


  • If you’re craving a combination of salty and cheesy, pretzels are the perfect choice.
  • Whether you choose traditional pretzel twists or pretzel sticks, their unique texture and flavor enhance the queso experience.
  • The soft and chewy interior provides a delightful contrast to the creamy cheese, while the saltiness adds an extra savory kick.
  • Pretzels are also a great option for those who prefer a heartier dipper.

Pita Bread

  • Looking to add a mediterranean twist to your queso? Try pairing it with pita bread.
  • The soft and slightly chewy texture of pita bread complements the smoothness of the queso.
  • Tear off a piece of pita bread and scoop up a generous amount of queso for a delightful burst of flavors.
  • Top it off with a sprinkle of herbs like parsley or oregano for an added freshness.


  • For a truly indulgent queso experience, why not go all out with nachos?
  • Load up a plate of crispy tortilla chips with melted queso and all your favorite toppings.
  • Add some diced tomatoes, jalapenos, sour cream, and guacamole for a burst of flavors and textures.
  • This option is perfect for sharing with friends and family during parties or game nights.

Now that you know the perfect dippers and accompaniments to elevate your jimmy changas queso, it’s time to gather your ingredients and get ready to impress. Whether you prefer the classic pairing of tortilla chips or want to experiment with something different like pita bread or freshly cut vegetables, these choices will take your queso to new heights.

So go ahead, dip, savor, and enjoy!

Finding The Perfect Beverage Match For Your Cheesy Delight

Nothing goes better with a mouthwatering plate of jimmy changas queso than a perfectly paired beverage. Whether you prefer something refreshing and bubbly or something strong and smooth, we’ve got you covered. Here are some fantastic options to enhance your cheesy delight:

Craft Beers

Craft beers are known for their unique flavors and aromatic profiles, making them an excellent choice to complement the rich and savory taste of jimmy changas queso. Here are some craft beer options that pair beautifully with cheesy dishes:

  • Ipa: The hoppy bitterness of an indian pale ale balances out the creamy and cheesy flavors, creating a delightful contrast.
  • Wheat beer: The light and crisp characteristics of a wheat beer cleanse your palate while complementing the smooth and gooey texture of the queso.
  • Amber ale: With its caramel and malty notes, an amber ale adds a touch of sweetness that enhances the savory goodness of the queso.


A classic margarita is a fantastic choice to serve alongside your cheesy delight. The zesty and tangy flavors of a margarita provide a refreshing contrast to the rich and creamy queso. Consider these margarita options:

  • Classic lime margarita: The citrusy tartness of lime perfectly complements the cheesy goodness, creating a well-balanced combination of flavors.
  • Spicy margarita: Adding a kick of spice to your margarita with jalapenos or chili powder elevates the entire tasting experience, making it a bold and exciting match for queso.


If you prefer a stronger and more sophisticated beverage to go with your queso, whiskey is an excellent choice. The complex flavors of whiskey can beautifully enhance the cheesy goodness. Consider these whiskey options:

  • Bourbon: The sweet and caramel notes in bourbon harmonize with the creamy texture of the queso, creating a delightful contrast of flavors.
  • Rye whiskey: The spiciness and robustness of rye whiskey stand up to the richness of the queso, creating a bold and flavorful combination.


For those who prefer non-alcoholic options, soda can be a great choice to enjoy with your queso. The carbonation and sweetness of soda provide a refreshing balance to the cheesy delight. Consider these soda options:

  • Cola: The classic cola flavor complements the savory taste of the queso, offering a delightful contrast between sweet and savory.
  • Citrus soda: The crisp and citrusy flavors of soda, like lemon-lime or orange, provide a tangy and refreshing pairing for the cheesy dish.

No matter which beverage you choose, make sure it enhances the flavors of your jimmy changas queso. Whether you opt for a craft beer, margarita, whiskey, or soda, the perfect pairing will take your cheesy delight to new heights. Cheers!

Frequently Asked Questions For Jimmy Changas Queso Recipe

How Do You Make Jimmy Changas Queso?

To make jimmy changas queso, melt two cups of shredded mexican cheese blend with one cup of diced tomatoes and green chilies in a saucepan. Gradually stir in half a cup of milk until the cheese is melted. Serve hot with tortilla chips for a delicious appetizer.

What Kind Of Cheese Should I Use For Jimmy Changas Queso?

For the perfect jimmy changas queso, use a shredded mexican cheese blend. This blend typically includes cheeses like cheddar, monterey jack, asadero, and queso quesadilla. It will give your queso a creamy and melty texture with a flavorful kick.

Can I Add Extra Ingredients To Jimmy Changas Queso?

Absolutely! Jimmy changas queso is a versatile recipe that can be customized to suit your taste. You can add extra ingredients like cooked ground beef, diced onions, chopped jalapenos, or cilantro to enhance the flavor and add more texture to your queso.

Experiment and find your favorite combination!


Finally, with this jimmy changas queso recipe, you can bring the authentic flavors of tex-mex cuisine right into your own kitchen. The combination of melted cheese, spicy jalapenos, and tangy tomatoes creates a flavorful and satisfying dip that will have your taste buds dancing with joy.

Whether you’re hosting a gathering or simply craving a delicious snack, this recipe is a crowd-pleaser that is quick and easy to make. By following these simple steps and using high-quality ingredients, you can enjoy a mouthwatering queso dip that will impress both friends and family.

Serve it with tortilla chips, drizzle it over nachos, or even use it as a topping for tacos – the possibilities are endless. So what are you waiting for? Get ready to indulge in a deliciously cheesy experience with this homemade jimmy changas queso recipe.


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