Passover Kichel Recipe

Passover Kichel Recipe: Irresistible Indulgence for Your Seder Table

Passover Kichel is a traditional Jewish recipe that is deliciously crispy and perfect for celebrating the Passover holiday. These sweet and light cookies are made with simple ingredients.

The dough is rolled thin, cut into shapes, and baked until golden brown. Passover Kichel can be enjoyed as a tasty snack or served alongside other Passover treats. Whether you’re observing the dietary restrictions of Passover or simply looking for a delicious cookie recipe, Passover Kichel is a must-try.

We will share an easy and authentic Passover Kichel recipe that you can make at home. Just follow the simple steps below to create these delightful treats for your Passover celebration.

Passover Kichel Recipe: Irresistible Indulgence for Your Seder Table


History Of Passover Kichel

Passover Kichel has a rich history, being a staple in Jewish households during the holiday. This traditional recipe is passed down through generations, with its crispy, sweet flavor making it a beloved treat. Enjoyed during the Passover Seder, it’s a delightful addition to the celebration of freedom and tradition.

Traditional Origins

Passover Kichel is a popular Jewish treat that has its origins in traditional Jewish cuisine. It is a simple, unleavened cookie that is often enjoyed during the Passover holiday. The recipe can be traced back to the traditional Ashkenazi Jewish communities in Eastern Europe, where it was created as a way to make a delicious treat using the limited ingredients available during Passover. With its humble origins, Passover Kichel quickly became a cherished part of the Passover meal.

Evolution Of The Recipe

Over time, the recipe for Passover Kichel has evolved, with various additions and modifications made to suit different tastes and preferences. Today, there are countless variations of this beloved treat, with some recipes incorporating additional flavors such as cinnamon or vanilla, while others use different types of flour or sweeteners. Despite these variations, the essence of Passover Kichel remains the same – a simple, thin and crisp cookie that is perfect for dipping into tea or enjoying on its own.

Key Ingredients

In the Passover Kichel Recipe, the key ingredients for making this delicious dish are flour and matzo meal. These ingredients are the base of the recipe and provide the structure and texture to the Kichel. Sweeteners and flavorings are also important additions that enhance the taste of the Kichel. Common sweeteners used include sugar, honey or maple syrup. Flavorings like vanilla extract or lemon zest can add an extra layer of deliciousness. It is important to note that during Passover, traditional ingredients like regular flour are not allowed, so substitutions such as matzo meal are used to ensure the recipe is kosher for the holiday. By using these key ingredients, you can make mouthwatering Passover Kichel that will be enjoyed by everyone at your table.

Step-by-step Preparation

Passover Kichel Recipe is a delightful treat to have during the Passover holiday. This recipe is based on a traditional Jewish pastry that is light and crispy, perfect for any time of the year.

Mixing the Dough: Start by mixing flour, sugar, and salt in a large bowl. Then gradually add eggs, oil, and water to form a smooth dough.

Shaping and Baking: Roll out the dough and cut it into thin strips. Twist each strip into a knot or any desired shape. Place the kichel on a baking sheet and bake until golden brown.

Passover Kichel Recipe: Irresistible Indulgence for Your Seder Table


Variations And Additions

When making Passover Kichel, there are endless variations and additions you can try to add creative flair to this traditional dish. For those who prefer savory options, consider incorporating ingredients like fresh herbs such as dill or parsley, which add a burst of flavor. Another option is to sprinkle sesame seeds or poppy seeds over the kichel before baking, giving it a delightful crunch and additional texture. You could also experiment with different types of cheese, like grated cheddar or crumbled feta, to add richness and depth of flavor. For a unique twist, try adding finely chopped olives or sun-dried tomatoes to the dough, giving the kichel a delightful Mediterranean touch. These variations and additions are sure to elevate the taste of your Passover Kichel and impress your friends and family.

Serving And Storage

When serving Passover Kichel, it is important to pay attention to presentation. To make your dish visually appealing, you can dust the cookies with powdered sugar or sprinkle them with cocoa before serving. This will add a touch of elegance and make them more enticing to your guests.

In terms of storage, it is best to store Passover Kichel in an airtight container to maintain their freshness. These cookies can be stored at room temperature for up to a week. However, if you want to extend their longevity, you can refrigerate them for up to two weeks.

Remember, Passover Kichel are delicate, so handle them with care when storing and serving. By following these tips, you can ensure that your Passover Kichel remain fresh and delicious for your family and friends to enjoy throughout the holiday.

Passover Kichel Recipe: Irresistible Indulgence for Your Seder Table


Frequently Asked Questions Of Passover Kichel Recipe

What Are Passover Kichel?

Passover Kichel are traditional Jewish cookies made from matzo meal, eggs, sugar, and oil. These crispy treats are commonly enjoyed during the Passover holiday, and are often flavored with vanilla or other spices.

How Do You Make Passover Kichel?

To make Passover Kichel, mix matzo meal, eggs, sugar, and oil together until a dough forms. Roll out the dough, then cut it into small rectangles or strips. Bake the kichel in the oven until they are golden and crispy.

Serve them as a delicious Passover dessert.

Can Passover Kichel Be Made Without Matzo Meal?

Yes, it is possible to make Passover Kichel without matzo meal. You can use almond flour or potato starch as a substitute for matzo meal. However, keep in mind that the texture and taste may differ slightly from traditional kichel made with matzo meal.

Adjust the quantities accordingly for the best results.


Incorporating Passover kichel into your holiday celebrations adds tradition and joy to your family gatherings. The sweet aroma and crispy texture make it a beloved treat for people of all ages. Whether you follow a timeless family recipe or try a new one, Passover kichel is a delicious addition to your holiday table.

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