Shoney'S Saturday Buffet Menu

Shoney’s Saturday Buffet Menu: Mouthwatering Delights to Savor

Shoney’s Saturday buffet menu offers a variety of delicious, freshly prepared breakfast and lunch items. The buffet features classic breakfast fare such as scrambled eggs, bacon, and sausage, as well as savory lunch options like fried chicken and mashed potatoes.

With an assortment of sides, salads, and desserts, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. Whether you’re in the mood for a hearty breakfast or a satisfying lunch, Shoney’s Saturday buffet has you covered. And with its affordable pricing, it’s the perfect choice for a weekend meal with family and friends.

So, next time you’re looking for a delicious and convenient dining option on a Saturday, head to Shoney’s and savor the flavors of their delightful buffet menu.

Shoney's Saturday Buffet Menu: Mouthwatering Delights to Savor


1. Shoney’s Saturday Buffet Menu

Shoney’s Saturday Buffet Menu offers a delightful array of dishes that cater to a variety of tastes. From savory breakfast items to hearty lunch options, the Saturday buffet at Shoney’s provides a satisfying dining experience for all patrons.

The Pleasures Of A Buffet Experience

The buffet experience at Shoney’s is a culinary adventure, where guests can savor a diverse selection of delectable dishes. With the freedom to choose and sample a wide range of options, diners can indulge in a feast of flavors and textures, making it a truly enjoyable dining experience.

Shoney’s Offers A Saturday Special

On Saturdays, Shoney’s features a special buffet menu that includes an enticing selection of seasonal and classic favorites. From mouthwatering entrees to fresh salads and tempting desserts, the Saturday buffet at Shoney’s offers a delectable spread that’s sure to please every palate.

2. Delightful Breakfast Options

Welcome to Shoney’s Saturday Buffet, where you can indulge in a delightful array of breakfast options. Whether you’re craving something sweet or savory, our buffet has something for everyone to start off their day on a scrumptious note.

2.1. Fluffy Pancakes

At Shoney’s Saturday Buffet, our fluffy pancakes are a star attraction. Made with the finest ingredients, our pancakes are cooked to perfection, boasting a soft, airy texture that melts in your mouth. Whether you prefer a classic stack of pancakes or want to try something new with toppings like fresh fruit or creamy syrup, we have the perfect pancake for you.

2.2. Scrambled Eggs And Bacon

Indulge in a satisfying plate of scrambled eggs and crispy bacon, a staple of any delicious breakfast spread. Our fluffy, perfectly scrambled eggs are accompanied by sizzling bacon, providing a comforting and hearty dish to kickstart your morning. Each bite is packed with flavor, ensuring you get the satisfying breakfast you crave.

2.3. Fresh Fruit Salad

Start your day on a refreshing note with our fresh fruit salad. Our meticulously curated fruit salad features a delightful assortment of seasonal fruits, meticulously hand-picked to ensure the best flavors and textures. From succulent berries to juicy melons, our fruit salad is a delightful and nutritious option to complement your breakfast.

3. Satisfying Lunch Selections

Indulge in a delightful Saturday buffet at Shoney’s, featuring an array of satisfying lunch selections. Enjoy a diverse menu of fresh, flavorful options to satisfy your cravings.

Shoney’s Saturday Buffet Menu offers a delectable array of lunch options that are sure to satisfy your cravings. From succulent roasted chicken with gravy to creamy mashed potatoes, crispy fried chicken, and a delightful vegetable medley, their menu has something for everyone. Let’s explore these mouthwatering lunch selections in detail:

3.1. Roasted Chicken With Gravy

Indulge in the savory goodness of Shoney’s roasted chicken with rich, flavorful gravy. Each bite of this tender and juicy chicken will leave you craving for more. Combined with the irresistibly tasty gravy, the roasted chicken is a true delight for your taste buds.

3.2. Creamy Mashed Potatoes

If you’re a fan of comfort food, then Shoney’s creamy mashed potatoes are a must-try. Served piping hot and generously seasoned, these velvety smooth mashed potatoes are the perfect accompaniment to any main course. The buttery texture and rich flavor will leave you wanting seconds.

3.3. Crispy Fried Chicken

Craving some delicious fried chicken? Look no further than Shoney’s crispy fried chicken. This golden-brown delight boasts a crunchy exterior and a juicy, tender interior. With each bite, you’ll experience the satisfying crunch followed by the mouthwatering juiciness that fried chicken lovers adore.

3.4. Vegetable Medley

Add a healthy touch to your meal with Shoney’s vegetable medley. Packed with an assortment of fresh, colorful vegetables, this dish is both nutritious and satisfying. From crunchy carrots to vibrant green beans, each vegetable in the medley adds its own unique flavor and texture, creating a well-rounded and delicious side dish.

Shoney's Saturday Buffet Menu: Mouthwatering Delights to Savor


4. Exciting Dinner Offerings

When it comes to dinner, Shoney’s Saturday Buffet Menu never fails to impress. With a variety of delicious options, there is something to satisfy every craving. Let’s take a closer look at some of the exciting dinner offerings that will have your taste buds dancing with joy.

4.1. Prime Rib Carving Station

Indulge in the mouthwatering goodness of our Prime Rib Carving Station. Our skilled chefs expertly carve succulent slices of prime rib, cooked to perfection. The rich, juicy flavors and tender texture of this premium cut will leave you craving for more. Complement your steak with our selection of savory sauces and toppings for an unforgettable dining experience.

4.2. Succulent Grilled Salmon

For seafood lovers, our Succulent Grilled Salmon is a must-try. We source only the freshest salmon fillets and grill them to perfection, locking in the natural flavors and ensuring a moist and flaky texture. Savor the delicate taste of the sea with each bite, accompanied by a squeeze of lemon for a refreshing kick. This healthy and delicious option is sure to satisfy your craving for seafood.

4.3. Buttered Corn

Indulge in the simple pleasures of comfort food with our Buttered Corn. Each kernel bursts with sweetness and is coated in a rich, creamy butter sauce. This classic side dish pairs perfectly with any main course, adding a touch of warmth and nostalgia to your dinner plate. Delight in the simplicity and pure enjoyment of this crowd-pleaser.

4.4. Baked Mac And Cheese

No buffet would be complete without the all-time favorite, Baked Mac and Cheese. Our version takes this classic dish to a whole new level of cheesiness. Indulge in the creamy, gooey goodness of perfectly cooked macaroni smothered in a blend of melted cheeses. Each bite delivers a comforting symphony of flavors, making it the ultimate comfort food indulgence.

Offerings Highlights
Prime Rib Carving Station Expertly carved, tender, and juicy prime rib
Succulent Grilled Salmon Fresh salmon fillets grilled to perfection
Buttered Corn Delightfully sweet kernels coated with creamy butter sauce
Baked Mac and Cheese Creamy macaroni with a blend of melted cheeses

With these exciting dinner offerings, Shoney’s Saturday Buffet Menu ensures an unforgettable dining experience. Indulge in the prime rib carving station, savor the succulent grilled salmon, delight in the buttered corn, and enjoy the cheesy goodness of the baked mac and cheese. Visit Shoney’s on Saturday and let your taste buds embark on a delightful journey.

5. Divine Desserts To Indulge In

Discover a delectable array of divine desserts on Shoney’s Saturday buffet menu. Treat yourself to an indulgent selection of sweet treats, from creamy cheesecakes to decadent chocolate delights, guaranteed to satisfy your sweet tooth. Don’t miss out on the irresistible dessert spread available at Shoney’s this weekend.

If you have a sweet tooth, you’re in for a treat at Shoney’s Saturday Buffet. The dessert selection is a delightful feast for the senses, featuring an array of heavenly sweets that are sure to satisfy any craving. From rich and decadent chocolate cake to classic apple pie, creamy cheesecake, and assorted ice cream, there’s something to please every dessert enthusiast. Let’s dive into the mouth-watering options that await you at Shoney’s!

5.1. Decadent Chocolate Cake

Indulge in the ultimate chocolate lover’s dream with Shoney’s decadent chocolate cake. Moist, rich, and velvety, this cake is a heavenly treat that will send your taste buds into a frenzy. Every bite is a symphony of deep, dark cocoa flavors, complemented by a luscious chocolate ganache frosting. Topped with a dusting of cocoa powder and garnished with fresh berries, this dessert is an absolute showstopper.

5.2. Classic Apple Pie

Nothing beats the comforting taste of a classic apple pie, and Shoney’s has perfected this timeless dessert. With a buttery, flaky crust and a filling bursting with juicy apples, cinnamon, and sugar, each slice of this pie is pure bliss. Served warm and accompanied by a scoop of vanilla ice cream, this apple pie is a slice of heaven that will transport you back to grandma’s kitchen.

5.3. Creamy Cheesecake

For a dessert that’s creamy, smooth, and utterly divine, look no further than Shoney’s creamy cheesecake. Made with the finest ingredients and a velvety cream cheese filling, this cheesecake is a dream come true for lovers of this classic dessert. Whether you prefer it plain or topped with a luscious raspberry or caramel sauce, each bite is a harmonious balance of flavors and textures that will leave you craving for more.

5.4. Assorted Ice Cream

Make your own dream sundae with Shoney’s assortment of delectable ice cream flavors. From creamy vanilla to chocolate, strawberry, and butter pecan, there’s a flavor for every ice cream enthusiast. Top it off with a variety of tempting toppings like hot fudge, caramel, sprinkles, crushed cookies, and whipped cream, creating a personalized dessert masterpiece that is sure to satisfy your sweet tooth. So, if you’re looking to end your meal on a sweet note, Shoney’s Saturday Buffet is the place to be. Indulge in these divine desserts and treat yourself to a dessert experience that will leave you craving for more. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to indulge in these sweet treasures during your next visit at Shoney’s Saturday Buffet.
Shoney's Saturday Buffet Menu: Mouthwatering Delights to Savor


Frequently Asked Questions For Shoney’s Saturday Buffet Menu

What Are The Timings For Shoney’s Saturday Buffet?

The timings for Shoney’s Saturday Buffet are from 11:00 AM to 2:00 PM.

What Is Included In The Saturday Buffet Menu At Shoney’s?

The Saturday Buffet menu at Shoney’s includes a wide variety of options such as fresh salads, hot entrees, delicious sides, and a selection of desserts.

Can I Make Reservations For Shoney’s Saturday Buffet?

No, reservations are not required or accepted for Shoney’s Saturday Buffet. It is on a first-come, first-served basis.

Is There A Special Price For Kids At The Saturday Buffet?

Yes, Shoney’s offers a special price for children aged 4-10 at the Saturday Buffet. Kids under 4 years old eat for free.


Experiencing the Shoney’s Saturday Buffet Menu is a feast for the senses. With a wide variety of delectable dishes and flavors to choose from, it is a culinary adventure that satisfies all the taste buds. From savory classics to mouthwatering desserts, this all-you-can-eat buffet promises a delightful dining experience for both locals and tourists alike.

Don’t miss the opportunity to indulge in this gastronomic extravaganza at Shoney’s – the ultimate destination for a satisfying Saturday meal.

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