What Time Does Hardee'S Start Serving Lunch

What Time Does Hardee’s Start Serving Lunch?: Satisfy Your Cravings!

Hardee’s typically starts serving lunch at 10:30 AM. Chain-specific variations may apply, so local branch confirmation is recommended.

Craving a juicy burger and crispy fries for lunch? Hardee’s, the popular American fast-food restaurant known for its charbroiled burgers, has got you covered with a switch to their hearty lunch menu midway through the morning. The transition from breakfast to lunch offerings is a signal to patrons that a wider array of savory options is now available.

This timing aligns with the industry standard for fast food lunch service, allowing Hardee’s to cater to both the late breakfast crowd and early lunch-goers. Keep in mind that the exact time can depend on the specific Hardee’s location, so it’s always a smart move to check with your nearest Hardee’s to confirm their lunch schedule. Enjoy the thick burgers, sandwiches, and more without the midday wait.

What Time Does Hardee's Start Serving Lunch?: Satisfy Your Cravings!

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Hardee’s Lunch Hours: The Basics

Hardee’s serves lunch starting at 10:30 AM.

Times may change with location. Always check your local Hardee’s for correct times.

Early Birds And Late Risers: Timing Your Meal

Hardee’s shifts from breakfast to lunch at a specific time. Not all locations serve lunch at the same time. Most Hardee’s restaurants begin lunch service at 10:30 AM. Yet, this timing can vary based on the location. It’s important to check with your local Hardee’s for the exact time.

Plan your visit accordingly to not miss the lunch menu. The lunch hours continue until the evening. But, every lunch has its last call. The cutoff time for placing lunch orders usually aligns with the start of dinner service. Dinner times tend to begin at 5 PM. To avoid disappointment, arrive before this transition. Enjoy your meal without the rush.

Menu Sneak Peek: Hardee’s Lunch Offerings

Are you craving a juicy burger? Hardee’s lunch menu starts rolling out delicious options at 10:30 AM. Their lunch selection boasts a wide array of taste bud-tempting burgers and much more. Expect to find the famous Thickburgers, complete with all the fixings, alongside their crispy chicken sandwiches for those seeking variety.

Seeking healthier choices? Look no further. Hardee’s offers grilled options and fresh salads. Their Turkey Burger is a great leaner alternative, and the Charbroiled Chicken Salad mixes freshness with flavor. Perfect for those desiring a lighter fare!

What Time Does Hardee's Start Serving Lunch?: Satisfy Your Cravings!

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Planning Your Visit: When To Go

Hardee’s lunch service starts after breakfast hours. Lunch items become available at 10:30 AM. If you plan to visit during peak lunch times, expect a busier atmosphere. A large crowd usually gathers between 12 PM and 2 PM.

To avoid the rush, consider dining either before noon or after 2 PM. Many guests find the restaurant less crowded during these times. This ensures a more relaxed meal experience. Quieter moments are perfect for enjoying Hardee’s lunch offerings.

Special Lunch Deals And Promotions

Hardee’s tantalizes taste buds with seasonal specials that change throughout the year. Guests eagerly anticipate the new flavors introduced, often themed around holidays or seasons. These limited-time offers keep the menu fresh and exciting.

Shrewd diners save big with combo deals and discounts. Hardee’s frequently rolls out value combo meals, bundling favorites at lower prices. Keep an eye on their promotions for exclusive savings opportunities.

Combo Description Price
Burger Bonanza A double patty delight $5.99
Chicken Extravaganza Two chicken sandwiches $6.99
Refresh & Refuel Medium drink and fries $2.99

Tips For A Seamless Experience

Utilizing mobile ordering at Hardee’s makes grabbing lunch quick and hassle-free. Launch the app, select your meal, and choose a pick-up time. It’s that simple!

Being a part of the rewards program unlocks exclusive deals. Users earn points with every purchase. Points lead to free food and drinks. Always check the app for new deals before ordering.

What Time Does Hardee's Start Serving Lunch?: Satisfy Your Cravings!

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Frequently Asked Questions For What Time Does Hardee’s Start Serving Lunch

When Does Hardee’s Lunch Menu Begin?

Hardee’s typically starts serving lunch at 10:30 AM. However, times could vary slightly by location.

Can I Order Lunch Items During Breakfast Hours?

Lunch items at Hardee’s are not available during breakfast hours. Breakfast usually ends at 10:30 AM, which is when lunch starts.

Until What Time Is Hardee’s Lunch Served?

Hardee’s serves lunch until closing, which may vary by location. Most outlets close around 10:00 PM or 11:00 PM.

Does Hardee’s Serve Lunch On Weekends?

Yes, Hardee’s serves lunch on weekends, starting at 10:30 AM, similar to their weekday schedule.


Ready to switch from breakfast to lunch at Hardee’s? Remember, their lunch menu rolls out at 10:30 AM sharp. Make a note, plan your visit, and get set to indulge in those hearty, savory flavors. For the latest updates and any changes, keep an eye on Hardee’s official channels.

Bon appétit!

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