Best Brie Cheese Review

Best Brie Cheese Review For 2023

It goes without saying that the best brie cheese will elevate your dishes with its addictive flavor. As a result, it is a popular ingredient in culinary cooking around the world.

Additionally, it is used to make a great addition to a variety of dishes, starting with healthy sweetened breakfasts to hearty dinners like salads, sandwiches, and appetizers. The rich texture and buttery flavor of this cheese also make it ideal for making sauces and dressings.

Additionally, selecting the right brie cheese can be difficult depending on what your preferences are. Don’t hesitate to buy! I have compiled a list of 15 of the very best brie cheeses below to help you choose yours. The information I will provide will help you to choose the right brie cheese.

With its rich and buttery flavor, it is no surprise that Brie was once known as the ‘King of Cheeses,’ a favorite of royalty and the subject of poetry! An afternoon snack of brie and fresh fruit or a whole round of brie will add style to any cheeseboard is a delicious option.

This article explains why brie cheese was referred to as the ‘King of Cheeses’ in French history. We also learn the differences between traditional French brie cheese, imported French brie cheese, and domestic brie cheese. You can select the right brie cheese for your indulgence or entertaining needs by checking out our selection of the best brie cheese and its nutritional content.

Editor’s Pick: Top 5 Best Brie Cheese

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My Reviews For The Best Brie Cheese Brands in 2022

Make sure you consider the pros and cons of each type of cheese before you buy the brie cheese. The following list of my top 15 best brie cheese should assist you in narrowing down your search.

1. President soft-ripened Brie Cheese

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Mass-production is possible with this product. Using this wonderful cheese is totally safe for your health since it is Kosher-certified. Pasteurized cow’s milk is also used to make this specialty cheese, which delivers the best flavor and texture.

This makes for a delicious and creamy texture along with a delicate taste. There’s a bit of hardness to its ride, so you can let it ripen more before eating. In addition to its use in various dishes, this cheese can be paired with bread, or baked for a warm snack.

Key Features:

  • Ingredients that are all-natural
  • Typical French Brie Cheese flavor
  • Various dishes to pair with
  • Refrigerating the cheese is a good idea
  • A serving of 1 oz contains 4g of protein

Pros :

  • Brie cheese that is typical of France
  • It has a great taste
  • A cheese with many facets
  • Designed to be kosher-certified for your complete peace of mind
  • Smooth and creamy texture

Cons : 

  • If you taste the rind, you might find it very bitter
  • After a long time in the refrigerator, this cheese will dry out

2. Diary Food Wedges Brie Cheese

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The Diary Food Wedges Brie Cheese will be your top choice if you want to try Brie cheese on a budget. The cheese does not impart as much flavor as a brie, but still delivers a rich and smooth texture with a strong flavor. Unlike authentic brie cheese, this cheese has no outside rind, making it a good budget option.

Aside from that, the cheese is made from natural ingredients like natural cheese, milk, and more to ensure you get the quality you expect. For easy cooking preparation, it comes with six wedges in one package.

Key Features:

  • Ingredients that are natural
  • Spread that tastes like brie
  • Providing wedges of delivery

Pros : 

  • Priced reasonably
  • Cheese is made from natural ingredients
  • Featuring brie flavor and a smooth texture

Cons :

  • A brie cheese rind might not be right

3. Mon Sire Perishable Brie Cheese

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The famous cheese of eastern France is Mont Sire Perishable Brie. This rind is moldy and has a soft, ultra-rich texture thanks to the rich cow’s milk content. In addition, it has a large size, so you can use it for home usage or baking comfortably.

To ensure the highest possible quality and freshness, this cheese is shipped overnight. It arrived well packed with cold gel packs that preserved its freshness and flavor even after being transported over long distances.

Key Features:

  • Designed and manufactured in France
  • Brie is made from rich milk
  • Tastes and feels creamy
  • Being large in size
  • Delivery within 24 hours

Pros : 

  • Cheeses like this are creamy and smooth and have a great taste
  • It is large enough to be used by a large family
  • Quality guaranteed expedited shipping
  • Entertaining with this cheese is a breeze
  • Creamy taste and texture are enhanced by rich cow’s milk


  • A high price tag is attached to it
  • It is possible that this cheese will spoil quickly

4. La Bonne Vie Creamy Brie Cheese

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Is triple cream Brie cheese what you’re looking for? Cheese enriched with cream, such as La Bonne Vie Creamy Brie Cheese, provides decadent richness and exceptional taste. There are many reasons why people love this product, including its taste, high quality, and the fact that it is made from pasteurized cow’s milk.

Moreover, this product has a soft and runny texture, which makes it easy to spread. In order to prevent it from becoming bitter, the fruit has a white edible rind. Brie cheese and fresh fruit go well together, as do crackers and sparkling wine. This product can be heated, baked, or used directly.

Key Features:

  • The brie has a triple cream content
  • Buttery and rich in flavor
  • The texture that is thick and spreadable
  • An edible rind with a thin, snowy appearance
  • Sparkling white wine, IPA beer, and fried fruit are the perfect accompaniments

Pros : 

  • A fair price
  • It has a creamy texture
  • Tastes savory
  • Lactose is present in pasteurized milk
  • Various dishes can be prepared with this product

Cons : 
There is a short shelf life for this product

5. Excellence Creamy Brie Cheese

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It comes in an elegant package made from cow’s milk and has a creamy texture. Buttery flavor, cream richness, and yogurty finish make the perfect combination for its delicious taste. An extremely soft and smooth texture makes it stand out from other brie cheeses. As opposed to other cheeses with hard, bland rinds, this product’s thin, mild rind will captivate you with its flavor.

As an upgrade to brie cheese, this product is considered. A variety of snacks can be made with it, including dried fruit, fruit, and nutritious treats like pomegranate. This is a great summer food if you want something with a cheesy taste.

Key Features:

  • Triple-cream content enriches the texture
  • Flavor of butter
  • Serving different types of food
  • The rind is thin and mild in taste


  • Gluten-free product
  • It has a very interesting taste
  • It has a much softer and creamier texture than any other product
  • Pasteurization makes it safe for consumption
  • At room temperature, it doesn’t melt

Cons :

  • Its expiration date is short

6. Marin French Creme Brie Cheese

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Marin French Creme Brie Cheese is your top pick if you’re looking for a brie cheese that pairs well with sparkling wine and fresh or dried fruits. Marin French Creme Brie Cheese meets the standards for French-style brie cheese.

Cultured pasteurized milk is used to produce high-quality cheese. Its smooth and creamy texture makes it easy to spread. A white velvet rind and a slightly sweet flavor also characterize this specialty. The product comes in an elegant package.

Key Features:

  • The size is suitable for couples
  • Pasteurized milk from high-quality cows
  • With a flavorful and creamy texture
  • Sparkling wine, dried fruit, or fresh fruit can be paired with this product

Pros : 

  • It has a delicious taste
  • Pasteurized ingredients are used
  • The shape of this cheese makes it stand out from other cheeses
  • The price is great
  • 4 ounces of this product is enough for two people

Cons : 

  • It has a short shelf life.

7. President Wee Spreadable Brie Cheese

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President Wee Spreadable Cheese comes in eight perfectly shaped wedges that are divided into eight pieces for your convenience. Easily and quickly spread or open it. In the French tradition, this brie cheese is made from 100% cow’s milk, even though it is made in the U.S.

The cheese has a delightfully creamy texture and an authentic taste. The snow-white rind of the cheese is also edible. This cheese is therefore good for toast, crackers, and appetizers, and tastes good with fruit too.

Key Features:

  • Eight cheese wedges for spreading
  • Texture that is delightfully creamy
  • An authentic and rich flavor of Brie
  • American-made

Pros : 

  • Each box contains eight triangle wedges, which makes this product convenient to use
  • The smoothness and creaminess of this cheese make it easy to spread
  • A perfect price for a perfect size
  • There are many dishes that can be prepared with it, and it has many uses

Cons : 

  • You won’t notice much of its taste

8. Eiffel Tower French Brie Cheese

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When you’re searching for French-style Brie cheese, Eiffel Tower Brie Cheese is a great choice. Pasteurized milk is used to make this cheese. The cheese is 12 inches round for ideal party size. It’s true that this brie cheese has a buttery and creamy taste. Its name brings to mind an elegant French restaurant.

Although you should eat the brie within a short time since the soft cheese quickly goes bad. With expedited shipping at a reasonable price, the cheese is also guaranteed to arrive fresh.

Key Features:

  • The perfect choice for banquets and feasts
  • Texture: creamy, runny, and soft
  • Delicious flavor
  • Gluten is not present in this product

Pros :

  • Every penny is worth it
  • Brie cheese made in the French style
  • The brie does not contain gluten
  • There are many dishes that go well with it, such as crackers, meat, and salad
  • It has a soft texture

Cons :

  • If you want to eat this brie cheese before it gets ripe, you must eat it quickly

9. FROMAGER D AFFINOIS Natural Brie Cheese

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If you are concerned about cheese being tainted with unsafe chemicals, you can stop worrying as the FROMAGER D AFFINOIS Natural Brie Cheese will ease your concerns. The ingredients in this organic brie cheese are carefully chosen from farms around the world. You won’t find hydrogenated fats, high-fructose corn syrup, or added MSG in this product.

In addition, preservatives, colors, flavors, and sweeteners are prohibited. This ensures that the product is healthy and organic. As far as taste and texture are concerned, this brie cheese is soft and buttery with a mild taste. The cheese can therefore be paired with champagne or sparkling wine for chilling time, fresh fruit, crunchy bread, or eaten straight from the container.

When cutting them uniformly, be sure to use the finest cheese slicer. Nobody wants an uneven and messy cheese platter.

Key Features:

  • A delicious and developed flavor
  • The texture that is balanced and creamy
  • Various recipes can be easily adapted to it
  • Ingredients that are organic
  • The cheese department of Whole Foods Market selects

Pros :

  • The cheese does not contain preservatives or artificial flavors
  • There’s nothing bitter or grisly about its rind
  • A great tasting cream with a great flavor
  • The quality of this product is excellent

Cons :

  • Expensive
  • If you like French cheese with an intense flavor, this brie cheese isn’t for you

10. Dietz & Watson Originals Brie Cheese

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Due to its gluten-free and trans-fat-free nature, Dietz & Watson Original Brie Cheese is recommended for people on the diet. With a serving size of only 5g protein and 100 calories, there is no need to be concerned about gaining weight when eating it.

Pasteurized milk is used to make this brie cheese, which contains no antibiotics. In addition, this product does not contain rBGH or MSG, making it safe to use. With a mushroomy flavor and a mild texture, the brie cheese is easy to cut and spread.

Key Features:

  • Organic and healthy ingredients
  • Trans fats do not exist
  • Soy-free and gluten-free
  • Made with cow’s milk that has been raised humanely


  • A cheese or charcuterie board would be perfect on it
  • It is suitable for dieting since it does not increase body weight like other cheeses
  • There is no soy in it
  • Ingredients free of MSG and rBGH


  • Some people may not be able to handle its strong taste
  • There is no flavor to the rind

11. Alouette Creme Brie Cheese

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Alouette Creme Brie Cheese is perfect for those seeking mild garlic and herb cheese flavor. We use rBST-free milk to make this brie cheese. Additionally, its appearance is smooth and buttery without the rind, with green dots visible on the herbs.

This cheese can be used with a wide range of dishes, including crackers and vegetables, thanks to its creamy texture and easy spreadability. It’s also packaged in a convenient way. This is a convenient and easy-to-use collapsible plastic box.

Key Features:

  • The texture is ultra-smooth and creamy
  • Garlic and herbs combine to create a delicious flavor
  • Ingredients that are rBST-free
  • Spreadable and buttery cheese
  • Milk is sourced from farms for its rich quality and trustworthiness


  • Brie cheese is a high-quality cheese
  • Both adults and children will enjoy it
  • Cheese that tastes great
  • Thanks to the convenient box design, opening and closing it is easy


  • Some people may dislike the smell of garlic and herb flavors
  • Cheese may not be able to be frozen, and it must be consumed within seven days after opening

12. Cowgirl Creamery Brie Cheese

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In spite of not being of French origin, this cheese is still related to brie cheese. You can enjoy the taste of it as you would with authentic French-style brie cheese. It is made with milk from cows that eat only grass and are allowed to roam free in pastures, which ensures that the Cowgirl Creamery Brie Cheese is of very high quality.

The ingredients in this product do not contain hydrogenated fats, fructose corn syrup, or MSG, which makes it suitable for most people to consume. In addition, the rind is snow-white bloomy and downy and possesses a strong mushroom and damp earth scent. As a result, the counterpoints of the crust and its filling are seamless when combined.

Key Features:

  • Cheese that is truly handcrafted
  • Preservatives and artificial ingredients free of organic ingredients
  • A triple cream-enhanced formula
  • Organically certified by the USDA
  • Whole Foods Market has selected this product


  • The ingredients are of high quality
  • There is no preservative or artificial flavor in this product
  • The texture of the triple-cream is also a plus
  • White or sparkling wine goes well with this brie cheese


  • Confidentiality
  • There is no information about serving size or storage instructions on the package

13. Belletoile soft-ripened Brie Cheese

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The Belletoile soft-ripened Brie Cheese consists of large chunks of triple cream brie cheese that weigh up to 4,4lbs. The main components of this French product are pasteurized cow’s milk and hormone-free cream. It is richer and creamier than other brie cheeses since it is triple-cream cheese. In addition, this product does not contain preservatives, artificial colors, or flavors, making it completely safe to consume.

If you want to use it, you should ripen the fruit since it arrives quite hard. Due to its large size, this product can be used to cook with brie cheese and its large components. The best time to use it is within 2 weeks of purchase.

Key Features:

  • Three creams in one serving
  • Artificial flavors and preservatives are not used
  • A rich milk product made with cow’s milk
  • French import


  • This is a French product
  • This makes it taste creamier and softer because of its triple cream content
  • Parties can be held in this large size
  • There are no harmful additives in it
  • Cold shipping keeps this cheese fresh


  • Before using, it needs to ripen

14. Reny Picot Soft Brie Cheese

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You will be able to find Reny Picot Soft Brie Cheese if you are looking for a high-quality brie cheese that is also reasonably priced. The triangular pieces of this brie cheese are made from cow’s milk. Since it does not contain any additives, colors, preservatives, or sweeteners, you can rest assured that it is completely natural.

Moreover, hydrogenated fats and MSG are prohibited. Cheese with this flavor and smell can be recognized by its slightly yellow color and distinctive smell. It has a soft texture and spreads easily. In addition, this product comes in a beautiful package wrapped in golden foil and has important information.

Key Features:

  • Artificial preservatives and flavors are not used
  • Fats without hydrogenation
  • Whole Foods Market selects the product
  • Texture that is soft-ripened and creamy


  • The price is very reasonable
  • You can enjoy this brie for breakfast
  • There is no danger associated with its ingredients
  • Smooth and creamy texture


  • It has a tangy taste that is quite enjoyable

15. Fromager D’affinois Creamy Brie Cheese

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The Fromager D’affinois Cheeses Brie Cheese is the perfect brie cheese flavor. The high protein and calcium content of this French product is due to the use of the process of “ultrafiltration,” which breaks down the fat molecules in the pasteurized milk and removes water.

The taste of the brie cheese can definitely be tasted in this product. Furthermore, its double cream contributes to a rich and creamy texture, and the rind is to die for. The cheese goes well with appetizers, fruits such as apples, grapes, and white wine.

Key Features:

  • Cheese that is soft and white
  • A premium cow’s milk product
  • French import
  • More nutrient- and protein-rich


  • Exceptional taste
  • It has such a buttery, creamy texture
  • It can be used directly or with a variety of dishes
  • The nutritional value of this brie cheese is high


  • Those on a diet should not use this product

16. ​​Eiffel Tower French Brie

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Highlighted Features

  • Canadian brie imported from France
  • It has a traditional buttery and creamy taste
  • The full weight is 2.2 pounds. Including the rind, the brie weighs 2.2 pounds.
  • In order to prevent ripening while in transit, the fruits were shipped on ice

The Eiffel Tower French brie is a 2.2 lb. brie made from pasteurized milk. The brie is round and has a rind. The freshness of this creamy and buttery brie cheese is guaranteed by its insulation. This is actually a Canadian-style brie – which not all buyers were aware of – rather than a French-style brie.

It may not last long for you to eat a whole round before it is too ripe for some tastes. Insulation and expedited shipping are used to minimize spoilage risk, adding to the cost.


  • Brie styled after the French
  • The whole 2.2 lb. cartridge
  • Buttery and creamy
  • Shipments protected by insulation


  • Many buyers do not realize this is a Canadian cheese made in the French style
  • Unless too ripe, eat quickly

17. Dairy Food Brie Wheel Cheese Wedges

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Highlighted Features

  • Shelf-stable cheese spread flavored with brie
  • Cheese, cream, and milk are all-natural ingredients in this product
  • Each wedge weighs approximately 4.3 ounces

Each Dairy Food brie wheel cheese wedge weighs 4.3 ounces and is individually wrapped. Unfortunately, the labeling of this product may not be as precise as it should be, so some customers have been disappointed to find it’s a brie flavor spread instead of brie.

For a budget-friendly alternative to brie, this shelf-stable spread is made with cream, whey, milk, and salt along with natural cheese. In addition, it contains gums and is lacking in an outer rind characteristic of true brie cheese.


  • Spread with Brie flavor
  • Wrapped wedges individually
  • The cheese is made with milk and cream and natural cheese
  • Stable shelves


  • It would be helpful to label it as a brie flavor spread rather than a brie spread
  • Gums are among the ingredients used in the product
  • Has a rind that does not resemble a brie

18. ​Eiffel Tower Canadian Baby Brie

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Highlighted Features

  • A pasteurized Canadian version of French brie cheese
  • The product is kosher-certified
  • For freshness, expedited shipping and ice were used
  • Fresh food should be consumed within seven days of delivery

Canadian pasteurized French brie produced in the shape of the Eiffel Tower. It is a kosher 7 oz round and should be eaten within seven days. There have been some complaints that fullness of flavor can be lacking, and because it is shipped insulated to maintain its quality, this does add to the overall cost.


  • Baby brie in the French style
  • Approximately 7 ounces
  • Hashgachah
  • Ice-packed


  • You may not be able to taste the full flavor of this
  • Shipments that are insulated cost more

19. ​​Notre Dame French Baby Brie

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Highlighted Features

  • A pasteurized Normandy brie
  • Baby Brie cheese, a whole 7 ounces
  • Within a week after delivery, best eaten
  • Maintain freshness by shipping cold and expediting

French baby brie from the Normandy region of France has been imported in a 7 oz round. It is recommended to eat this pasteurized and creamy brie cheese within seven days of delivery. It’s a European import, so it’s more expensive than a domestic brie cheese and some buyers find it lacking in flavor.


  • Brie de France
  • Approximately 7 ounces
  • Sterilized
  • Shipped chilled


  • The price is higher than that of domestic brie cheese
  • It lacks flavor according to some buyers

20. ​​La Bonne Vie Brie

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Highlighted Features

  • Two pounds of whole meat. A pasteurized round of brie cheese
  • A traditional French recipe made in the United States
  • Tastes buttery and creamy
  • To preserve its freshness, this is being expedited and shipped cold

Approximately 2 lbs. Using a traditional French recipe, a round of La Bonne Vie brie has been made in the US. Served within two weeks of delivery, this pasteurized brie cheese has a creamy and buttery flavor.
As it is shipped insulated, it adds cost and a few buyers complained of a lack of flavor.


  • Brie in the French style
  • Made in the USA
  • Buttery and creamy
  • Sterilized
  • Shipments must be kept cool


  • This brie has less flavor than other bries, according to one odd buyer
  • The larger 2 lb. size is for consumption within two weeks of delivery

21. ​​Woolwich Triple Creme Goat Brie

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Highlighted Features

  • Brie cheese made from goat milk, 6.5 oz
  • Richer texture thanks to triple cream
  • It is suitable for vegetarians as well as for people who cannot digest milk from cows
  • Brie made with goat’s milk is sweeter and grassier tasting than cow’s milk brie
  • Freshness is ensured by shipping it cold and expediting it

Compared to traditional cow’s milk brie, goat’s milk brie has a more grassy flavor and is richer in texture. Those who are vegetarians or unable to digest cow’s milk will also be able to enjoy this goat brie. Freshness is guaranteed with this 6.5 oz round of brie, which comes wrapped in insulation.

The flavor of this goat’s cheese will not be liked by everyone since it is more pungent than brie cheese. It contains more fat than a typical double cream brie because it’s a slice of triple cream cheese.


  • Brie cheese made from goat’s milk
  • Cream of the crop
  • Animal-free
  • It weighs 6.5 ounces
  • Cow’s milk sensitivities can be managed with this product


  • As a goat’s cheese, it has a much stronger scent
  • There are some who won’t like its grassier taste
  • A triple cream has a higher fat content

22. Isigny French Cheese Brie ‘Mon Sire’

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Highlighted Features

  • The weight is 2.2 pounds. A French brie cheese imported from France
  • Located in eastern France, made by a small cooperative
  • Brie with a traditional mold rind that is flavorful, supple, and creamy
  • To maintain freshness, it is shipped overnight on ice

Mon Sire French Brie is imported from France and weighs 2.2 lbs. rounded. An eastern French cooperative makes this creamy brie cheese, which is shipped expedited and overnight. The brie has a supple, creamy and rich texture with a moldy rind. Since it is imported and shipped overnight and on ice, it costs more than domestic brie cheese.


  • Brie de France
  • Sterilized
  • The weight is 2.2 pounds. Small.
  • Flavorful and creamy
  • Icing-packed


  • Unlike domestic brie, this cheese is more expensive
  • Overnight and cold-weather shipping costs extra

23. ​​President Precious Plain Brie Soft Ripened Cheese

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Highlighted Features

  • The American version of the French cheese brie
  • The case contains six rounds of 8 oz each
  • Cheese cultures, salt, and enzymes are the only ingredients in this product
  • Kosher certification

Six 8 oz. cases are included in the pack. The Président Brie is made exclusively from pasteurized cow’s milk, cheese cultures, salt, and enzymes. Traditionally made in France, this brie cheese is made in the U.S. It has a soft, creamy and mild taste. Depending on your taste, you may want to allow the brie to ripen further before eating.

Also, it may not be as suitable for cheeseboards or more formal occasions as it is an ‘everyday’ brie.


  • Brie styled after the French
  • USA-produced
  • Tastes mild, creamy, and soft
  • Hashgachah


  • It is possible for the rind and the brie to be a bit tough
  • Cheese that would work better as an ‘everyday’ brie

24. ​Belletoile Triple Cream French Brie Cheese

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Highlighted Features

  • The weight is 4.4 lbs. of brie cheese with triple cream
  • Using hormone-free cream and pasteurized milk from France
  • Has no artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives
  • It is shipped in insulated, expedited packaging to preserve its freshness

From pasteurized cow’s milk and hormone-free cream, Belletoile triple cream French brie is made in France. It has a higher butterfat content than traditional brie and doesn’t contain any preservatives, colors, or artificial flavors.

It weighs 4.4 pounds. Rather than serving as an appetizer, this brie is best enjoyed within two weeks of delivery, as it is like any other brie. You will also have to pay extra for shipping. Insulated and expedited delivery. As well, this brie cheese may arrive on the firmer side, so it may need to be ripened before consumption.


  • Brie de France
  • Cream of the crop
  • The weight was 4.4 pounds. Small.
  • Cream without hormones
  • Pâtissée
  • Shipped cold


  • They may be firm when they arrive and may need time to ripen
  • Within two weeks of delivery, consume a large cheese
  • Triple cream brie cheese is higher in fat than regular brie

Things To Consider Before Buying Brie Cheese

Buying Guide For The Best Brie Cheese

Many countries produce brie and we can make our domestic and imported brie from whole or skim milk. It has an off-white color similar to camembert, a soft-ripened cheese. When the cheese is still very young, the center is chalky and white. Brie is a creamy and mellow cheese with an edible rind covered in a scant white down, sometimes spotted with red spots, depending on how long it has been aged.

A slice of traditional French brie cheese is also known as raw milk cheese or Fromage au lait cru. With a baguette or crackers, brie cheese is often served with fresh figs, strawberries, pears, cherries, apricots, blueberries and apples. Brie cheese can be served on a cheeseboard along with fruits such as fresh strawberries, pears, cherries, apricots, blueberries, and apples.

As well as meats such as beef, sausage, ham, and brie, this wine also goes well with nuts and champagne. As part of a Brie en route, the cheese is wrapped in pastry and baked in the oven.
As opposed to a number of other regional cheeses in Europe, brie is not a protected name, but a Brie de Meaux, which is considered to be the finest brie, can be found where it originated, in Seine-et-Marne, near Paris.=

Brie de Meaux is still made in the Paris Basin in an area that is still artisan-produced. Brie de Meaux was given the Appellation of Origin in 1980, defining the geographical area in which the cheese can be produced as well as traditional standards for aging, maturing and presenting the cheese.

The Interprofessional Union of Brie de Meaux also received a Protected Designation of Origin (AOP) for Brie de Meaux in 1996 and continues to set standards and develop skills in the production of Brie de Meaux.

There are many types of French brie cheese, such as Brie de Melun and Brie de Montereau. Alternatively, there is blue brie – a cross between blue cheese and brie – and peppered brie, which uses peppers, nuts, or herbs. Bleu brie has a lighter flavor than a traditional blue cheese and is becoming popular with those who are not as keen on the full flavor of a traditional blue.

The milk is coagulated and curdled with enzymes and rennet, while a culture developed for the rind is also added. When the curd is formed, it can be cut up and poured into molds and excess The whey has been drained. After brining, the brie is regulated to prevent excessive mold growth and to regulate acidity.

Generally, it takes about four to five weeks for the fruit to fully ripen. It depends on what ingredients have been used to make the brie when it is being made and to what flavor it will have. It takes between one and three months for a pasteurized brie to ripen after being inoculated with mold. Brie will become soft and oozing in the center as it ripens.

Brie rinds are sometimes regarded as a delicacy due to their sweet and softness, despite the fact that they are actually molds (Penicillium candidum). The live rind breaks down the protein and fat in the brie as it ages, resulting in its runnier texture.

Double cream cheese is what brie is. Approximately 60-75% of the butterfat is contained in this product. It is a type of cheese that contains a combination of milk and cream equal to that of a double cream cheese. It contains up to 75% butterfat. In addition to being richer in flavor, triple cream cheese has a distinct buttery taste.

Bloomy-rind cheeses include double cream cheese and triple cream cheese, as well as camembert and some goat and sheep milk cheeses.

Some Essential Things That Make The Best Brie Cheese To Buy

how to pick a good brie cheese

In order to purchase the best brie cheese, you need to consider some fundamental elements below to have the right choice.

Texture And Flavor
Brie cheese’s quality is mostly determined by its flavor and texture. The best brie cheese to upscale your taste is buttery and full of flavor. Additionally, the high-quality brie cheese is characterized by a runny, smooth texture for easy preparation.

Nutrients are another factor you need to think about. It is true that by knowing the components of brie cheese, you can control your intake and avoid some substances you may be allergic to.
Furthermore, if the Brie cheese is specific about its ingredients, you will definitely know its nutritional value, based on your health status and needs.

The Time Of Usage
The freshest status of the brie cheese helps you enjoy the best quality. Do not forget to take advantage of this. You can also determine whether that brie cheese is safe to enjoy or not by knowing its expiration date, in addition to knowing how to properly use Brie Cheese and store it.

Since organic and natural ingredients are used, the high-grade brie cheese should not expire too soon since it does not contain many preservatives.

How To Use And Maintain The Best Brie Cheese

how to soften brie cheese

When you taste the best brie cheese for the first time, this will be the right answer to help you get a perfect taste. Nonetheless, keep reading so you can find out some helpful tips for maintaining this brie cheese.

Don’t forget to inspect the cheese before you try it. Keep an eye out for brown, slimy, or wet spots on the texture. For textures that are still fresh and white, you can enjoy them.
For the best flavor and texture, let the original brie cheese defrost overnight at room temperature after being stored in the refrigerator.

If the cheese has been opened and wrapped in plastic, foil, or a zip-top bag, it should be stored in the fridge within two weeks, ideally.
You can freeze the brie by the store in the ziplock bags, with all the air compressed, for long-term storage. It can be used within three months in this way.

What Are the Differences Between the Brie Cheese & The Camembert Cheese

French cheeses the brie and the camembert are both renowned classics. In authentic French-themed hors d’oeuvres, they are also used interchangeably. So, when buying a typical French cheese, they might be confused between the two.

Brie Cheese

  • Because cream is added, there is a higher fat content.
  • A milder taste with a buttery and creamy flavor.
  • It has a smoother, creamier texture.
  • A wedge of a larger wheel is often used for the slice.
  • There are brown-red veins in the dough and crust.


  • Reduced fat content is one component.
  • A taste and aroma that are deeper, more earthy, and more intense.
  • It has a less creamy texture.
  • Wheels are sold in whole pieces.
  • The dough has a pale yellow color and the crust is white, with a mushroom or velvet touch.

The Difference Between French and Domestic Brie

This is why brie cheese cannot be imported into the United States, as it is made from unpasteurized cow’s milk. When a brie ages for the 60 days needed to be imported as an aged cheese, it becomes overripe. There are several types of stabilized French brie that can be found in the US that have a longer shelf life and are less susceptible to infection by bacteria.

There are Furthermore, there are a few artisanal cheese producers producing unpasteurized milk-based soft cheeses such as brie in the US.

Which Brands Of Brie Cheese Are The Best?

which brands of brie cheese are the best

As a reference, here are some brands that provide the best brie cheese for your convenience.

It is not necessary to introduce Président Cheese, one of the premium cheesemakers, especially regarded as France’s best brand of Brie. As a specialty cheese manufacturer, it offers a wide range of high-quality and ultra-tasting cheeses to satisfy the needs of most customers.

La Bonne Vie
With its variety of exquisite cheeses from buttery brie to fresh goat cheese logs or crumbles, it is another famous brand in terms of cheese production.

Dietz & Watson
Known for its unique and high-grade cheese, it has a long history of family recipes. Known for quality and excellence, Dietz & Watson is dedicated to these ideals. By carefully choosing the source of materials for the cheese, it makes it from the best ingredients.

Storing Brie Cheese

When not in use, Brie should be kept in the refrigerator in its original packaging. As it warms up to room temperature, you can leave it out on the countertop for about an hour in order to develop its best flavor and texture. You can leave a brie cheese out on the countertop for a longer period of time if you need it to ripen more before consumption.

You should use a brie round within five days of cutting it into rounds, or as advised by the producer, as once cut its quality starts to decline. A brie that appears pinkish or ammonia-colored should not be consumed, and if it develops a mold spot, the whole piece should be discarded, because, unlike hard cheeses, mold grows on soft cheeses and can affect the whole thing.

Nutrition in A Potion of Brie Cheese

Over half of the fat found in one ounce of brie cheese is saturated fat. Not only is it high in saturated fat, but it is also high in sodium, containing 8% of our recommended daily intake. The piece is also a good source of calories with 94.9 calories and protein with 5.9 grams.

It contains just under 9% of our daily requirements of vitamin B12 and just under 8% of vitamin B2 (riboflavin). Calcium, phosphorous, and selenium are also found in it; this corresponds to 5% of our daily needs.


It has been shown how brie cheese is made and the differences between French-made cheese and domestically produced cheese in this article. Aside from exploring the importance of brie in French history, we’ve also discussed some of the ways to enjoy brie cheese and how to store it properly so that it stays at its best.

Our reviews of the best brie cheese are sure to help you choose the right buttery brie cheese for your cheeseboard, sandwich, or cheeseboard.

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