How to Use a Wooden Pizza Peel

How to Use a Wooden Pizza Peel?

Pizzas do not come out of the oven being at room temperature, they stay steaming hot. And for handling foods that are hot, you would require a proper tool. That is where the pizza peel comes in to play.

However, getting one is not really the end of the story. You will also have to know how to use it if you want to handle foods properly with it. That is why we are here to talk about the topic how to use a wooden pizza peel?

Alongside that, we will give you a brief idea about the tool and different types that are available in the market. So, without further ado, let us get right into it!

What Exactly Is a Pizza Peel?

You might not really have any idea about what this tool actually is. However, you had seen it multiple times before if you visited a pizza restaurant before. From the name, you might be wondering, “why would you need a peeler for the pizza?”. Well, that is not really the function of this tool.

This tool is like the large version of spatulas. The head of this remains thin, which will enable you to slide it under the pizza. And once you have properly lifted it up on the head, you should be able to move it from the oven and to the plate, which is going to be ready to cut and serve.

Basically, this one is a pizza spatula, which will enable you to serve the pizza directly from the oven without burning your fingers.

What Exactly Is a Pizza Peel

Types of Pizza Peel

Just like any other kitchen utensils that are in the market, you will find different types of peels. And the type will basically depend on the material and the design. That being said, the types are as follows:

  • Material

Depending on the material, there are two types of peels in the market. One of them is of metal, while the other one is of wood. The wooden ones will be highly resistant to heat, which means you will not have to worry about them getting hot and burning your fingers when handling them.

On the other hand, the metal ones will be more durable than the wooden ones. For that reason, you should be able to get extended use out of them. However, the metal ones might catch rust and corrode over time, which the wooden ones will not.


  • Design

Design-wise, there are two different types as well. One of them is the one that comes with a long handle. These are ideal for the restaurants as they have a large kitchenaid oven, where the pizza might be 1 foot away from the opening. Also, these tend to be medium or large in size.

And the other ones that are available in the market are the regular ones with a regular-sized handle. These would be ideal for home and small kitchens. In the case of size, these come in small, medium, and large.


How to Use a Wooden Pizza Peel?

With all things aside, let us get right into the main point, which is how to properly use one of the wooden peels. The operational process is pretty simple. And the steps for that are as stated below:

Step 1: Clean the Surface Properly

Before you decide to use the peel, you need to clean the surface properly. Wipe the upper surface with some cleaning cloth and dry it up using another cloth. Make sure that you do not run it under the sink because woods and water do not really go that well.

However, if you do clean it by keeping it under the sink, you need to dry it up as soon as possible, or else molds might start growing, which you would not want.

Clean the Surface Properly

Step 2: Make the Dough and Transfer It on to the Peel

After preparing the surface of the peel, you need to start working with the dough. If the peel is wide enough, it would be possible for you to prepare the dough right on top of it. However, if it is not that wide and does not have that amount of surface area on the top, it would be better to use the countertop.

Once you have prepared the dough and gave it the shape, start the transferring process. However, we recommend drizzling some flour on the top, or else the underside might stick to the surface of the peel, which will make the transferring process a bit difficult.

After that, put the preferred toppings on the dough. Ensure that you put an adequate amount of sauce on the top before putting all of the toppings.

Make the Dough and Transfer It on to the Peel

Step 3: Deploy the Pizza

By now, the pizza should be ready for the toaster oven. And you should start the deploying process. Well, this part is the hard part of the whole process. Firmly hold the handle and move the peel to the oven. After that, land it on the lower surface of the oven.

And the movement that we suggest applying for this is the same table cloth magic that you might have mastered. You need to jerk it back with force, speed, and confidence. After that, the pizza should land flat on the oven. Then, close the oven door and start the heating process.

Wait for the Pizza to Cook

Step 4: Wait for the Pizza to Cook

Now that you have deployed the pizza properly on the oven, all you would have to do is wait for the pizza to cook. Ensure that the crust is properly cooked, or else it can be challenging for you to take it out of the oven. You will also not want it to cook too much, which will burn the crust and the underside.

Deploy the Pizza

Step 5: Retrieve the Pizza

After the pizza is cooked properly, you need to get it back from the oven. For this, you have to carefully open the door of the oven. Then, you should slide the end of the head under the pizza and drag it. You would now have the pizza on the head. Carefully bring it out, cut the slices and serve it on the plate.

Retrieve the Pizza

Thing You Should Not Do When You are Deploying the Pizza

There is one important thing that you need to consider when you are deploying the pizza from the peel. Remember the motion that we have talked about in step 3? Well, that is the only motion that you must maneuver when you are deploying the pizza inside the oven.

If you happen to shake it off, there is a high chance you will ruin the shape of the pizza. Also, it will make the toppings fall off, which you are not going to want, would you? For that reason, you must not shake the pizza off the peel when you are deploying it inside the oven.

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Final Words

Having a wooden peel for maneuvering the pizza around will make it easier for you to put the pizza in and take it out of the oven. And we are hopeful that we could properly describe to you how to use a wooden pizza peel.

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